Jun 1, 2022 Commissioner Meeting

Commissioner Meeting, June 1, 2022, 2:00 p.m.

o. Court House Projects. Commissioners voted to move forward on contracting for two additions to the courthouse.  One on the north side to allow for a Sally Port, a holding cell, and a separate entrance. Currently, prisoners have to use the same entrance as the public and the only holding area in a stairwell.  An addition to the East Side is also planned to allow more space for security screening. Currently, the security officer and metal detector are located in the narrow hallway. The total cost is estimated at around $687, 500.  The judge has previously obtained grants to make needed renovations and comply with ADA requirements. The Sally Port is a “need” as is the space for security screening.  Funding was identified with the majority coming from the funds set aside to purchase the CRC building from the school that was to be used by the Prosecutor’s Office.  No current plans to replace the Prosecutor’s Office. In 2019, the county spent 16K on a needs study that failed to make the case that the county needed a new “Justice Center” at a cost of around $10 million.   This would have provided space that would have included the Court Staff and Prosecutor’s Office.  

o. Traffic Light – at the Park Entrance – North Gate.  After a recent accident, the issue of requesting a traffic light from the State has been renewed. I suggested the county post the traffic study that was conducted by the State.  The analysis in the past has not justified a Light. Given the volume and type of traffic (more RVs for example), a light would slow traffic, cause back-ups and delay travel times. 

o. Road Projects. Bids were received from four contractors for the currently proposed projects. Total bid costs ranged from $3,118,771 to $4,015,995.  The winning vendor and specific projects will be announced at the next commissioner meeting.

o. New Coroners Office.  The current cost is estimated at 175K and work may begin in late summer.   


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