Cottonwood Church, Brown County, IN

Cottonwood Church, Brown County Indiana

Audio Sunday Sermons

Affiliation: Village MissionsHelping Country Churches Thrive. Non-Denominational

Biblical Worldview – Audio – Jun 5, 2022 Sunday Sermon – Pastor Ethan Scott dives into Galatians 1:1-5. May God bless you and your family as we grow together in the Word!

Topics include:

    • How does persecution happen? Through false teachings – idolatry, dangerous
    • Church – lack of unity and integrity in the body of Christ
    • Bombardment of manmade ideas that puts the focus on man, not God.
      • Cultural Christianity
    • Barna Survey – Biblical Worldview Survey

Biblical world view stats

    • As a percent of church attendance, the smallest its ever been
    • Choose to worship at the church that is closest to the Bible
    • Paul’s message against false teachings: False teachings produce idolatry
    • Paul’s authority was challenged to undermine the Gospel
    • The New Covenant
    • The True Gospel glorifies God, man’s religion seeks man’s glory
    • How do these truths impact us and how we live?
      • Repent, accept and believe in Christ – (leads to eternal life)
      • Claim discipleship in Christ, share the Word
      • Focusing on good works that bring attention to man and not God, produces division in the church and is idolatry
      • As a Church, we must teach the Gospel in every area of our gathering and in our community – scare with truth as opposed to appeasing with lies.
      • To ensure we do not proclaim false teachings, we must abide in God’s Word.
      • Be teachable – Only God has it all figured out.
      • Be gracious and peaceful with your brothers and sisters in Christ.

Additional Information – Barna Surveys – Biblical Worldview

The denominations that produced the highest proportions of adults with a biblical worldview were non-denominational Protestant churches (13%), Pentecostal churches (10%) and Baptist churches (8%).

Seven Life-Changing Questions (George Barna, Thinking Like Jesus, pg. 14)

  1. Does God Exist?
  2. What is the character and nature of God?
  3. How and why was the world created?
  4. What is the nature and purpose of humanity?
  5. What happens after we die on earth?
  6. What spiritual authorities exist?
  7. What is truth?

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