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 Updated Jan 22, 2022
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Indiana Chapters

Supporting Information and Strategies

Concept – A Christianity, Citizenship and Quality Management Apologetic

2022 Council Meetings

brown county indianaCounty Council Meeting – Feb 21, 2022, 6:30 P.M

MEETING CHANGE: The Brown County Council meeting scheduled for 6:30 p.m. today (Jan 18, 2022) has been canceled due to “unforeseen circumstances,” according to Auditor Julia Reeves. The council will meet again on Feb. 21 at 6:30 p.m. in the Salmon Room at the County Council Building.

Requested agenda items below forwarded via email to council members, cc Democrat.

(1) Status on Follow-up – CVC Budget. Requested via email a documented position from the county attorneys regarding the CVC budget review and approval process. Is the council required to provide the same scrutiny to the CVC budget that they do for the other departments?

Another consideration for the need for more oversight is the fact that a commissioner and a councilman serve on the BCMC management board.

Link to the supporting information on the statute, copy of the budgets for comparison purposes available at the following. Innkeepers Tax Revenue – Govt Oversight

(2) Brown County Regional Sewer District (BCRSD).  Request a review of the continued need for the BCRSD including scope, roles and responsibilities. Request the council consider a delay in any new board appointments and support for any additional funding such as from the ARP  pending a review.  Options could include eliminating the BCRSD and converting it to an Advisory Committee on wastewater management and to support the Helmsburg RSD.

Joint Meeting. The Commissioners have asked for a joint meeting with the HRSD and the BCRSD boards to discuss their requests for ARP funds. Council should also be represented at this meeting.

Supporting information on current status, issues, and history. – Watch List – BCRSD

2022 BCRSD Board Meetings


Brown County Regional Sewer District (BCRSD)

 Watch List – BCRSD

Jan 11, 2022. 6:00 P.M.  Brown County Matters – Facebook Post

Board Member Vacancy. Debbie Larsh is not continuing on the Board.  Her vacancy was announced. The County Council has the authority to appoint the new board member.   At the Commissioner Meeting, it was mentioned that John Kennard of the Health Department applied for the position.

Bean Blossom Sewer Plant Budget.  $56,064.57 remains of the $270,000 provided by the county council.  Project is on “pause”.  Land could not be acquired from landowners and DNR did not approvde the use of park land for a sewer plant due to deed restructions on the donated land.

    •  Options under consideration include receiving service from Helmsburg and an expanded plant may also be able to serve the Lake Lemon area. ARP funding has been requested to fund an Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) required to apply for state and federal funding.

ROI Funded – Brown County Wastewater Infrastructure Strategic Planning Study.  The study is near completion – 84% of the work has been billed.

    • Given the Septic Summit 2.0 had to be cancelled due to Covid, the plan may be presented through a webinar.
    • RAP Grant – Regionalization Study – identified options for the Bean Blossom, Helmsburg, Trevalc areas).  The HRSD ARP requst will extend the study to include Lake Lemon.  The Lake lemon area has the only “documented” need for sewers along with support from residents.  The aging plant in Helmsburg which rwill require upgrades is also identifed as a legitimate need.

American Rescue Plan (ARP) Funding.

    • BCRSD – ARP Funding Request – 300K.
    • HRSD – wortking on getting a copy of their proposal.  it will fund a Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) to cover the Lake Lemon to Bean Blossom Corridor.

Joint Meeting.  The HRSD has also requeste ARP Funding.  Commissioners have asked for a Joint Meeting – Commissioners, HRSD, and BCRSD to discuss the proposals.

Voter Integrity

UPDATE: Elections Expert Reveals Over 550,000 Registered Voters In Wisconsin Have a Registration Date of 1/1/1918 – 115,252 of Them VOTED in 2020 (VIDEO)

What Americans lost when the secret ballot was abandoned, ‘As dead as the whistle-stop campaign’ WND News Services, Jan 16, 2022

    • We coined the term “sovereign fraud” right here on American Thinker.  At the time, it was a concept, until we started doing voter anomaly analysis for one large, Midwestern swing state.
    • We have now finished state 15, on the way to 30 or more; we can say with certainty that the Secretaries of State are unlikely to lead voter roll clean up.  In many states, they thwart it with flagrant data tricks.
    • There is no way to guarantee free and fair elections until citizens receive 100% visibility to all voter rolls, without writing a $30,000 check, to keep these sovereign outlaws or lazies honest and active.

The Escalating Battle Over Private Millions to Bankroll Public Elections  During 2020, By Steve Miller, RealClearInvestigations, January 12, 2022

BCCF – Community Support Initiatives

BCCF logo

Brown County Community Foundation (BCCF)

Dec 30, 2021 GUEST OPINION: Foundation plans nonprofit resource center  By Sean Hildreth – marketing, communications and outreach officer for the Brown County Community Foundation Inc.

Additional Background Info – Maddison Miller, CEO

    • In order to learn about capacity building best practices we researched existing programs that other community foundations deploy, collecting and comparing best practices and lessons learned. 
    • We surveyed 66 Brown County board members/volunteers to gauge their level of interest in eight potential training topics, their preferred method of delivery, preferred timing for training, etc. 
    • The community’s first opportunity to take advantage of this new program will be a two day class led by the Lilly School of Philanthropy, Fundraising for Small Nonprofits. BCCF is paying for this out of our unrestricted funds, so it will be free for local nonprofits to participate. 
    • Other topics high on the learning list are Volunteer/Board Development, Grant Writing, and Strategic Planning. But we have not yet contracted those out. 
    • Another prioritized topic that we’ve decided to tackle in-house is “nonprofit networking”, so we’ll be scheduling four in-person receptions in 2022 where various organizations can mingle, share ideas/resources, etc. Unfortunately, we had to move our first reception to Zoom due to COVID, but we have 68 RSVPs as of today. At this event we’ll announce specific dates for upcoming learning opportunities and allow participants to provide feedback. 

2021. READI Grant – BCCF Coordination

    • BCM Facebook – Post of the Post.  Community Development. I had the opportunity to attend a 2.5 day Community Development course that was created by Ball State and sponsored by the Community Foundation. The information presented has the “potential” of resulting in a more effective and inclusive community where citizen input and participation is encouraged, respected, and valued. Link to the course description and materials below. At the conclusion of the course today, several project ideas were identified and future meetings will be used to work through the process. I do plan on posting updates.

2016 BCCF – Brown County Community Partnership – Phased out around 2016.  Could not be sustained.

Riverfront District – For the Record

Jan 6, 2022.  How many liquor licenses have been granted in the county?

Dec 31, 2019TOWN NEWS: Liquor licenses requested for downtown restaurants. Liquor licenses requested for downtown restaurants Brown Bike restaurant and The Nashville House have received preliminary approval to have liquor licenses for the next year…

The Nashville Redevelopment Commission started the riverfront district program in 2013 to help local restaurants obtain liquor licenses that otherwise would not have been available due to Nashville’s small population. They cannot be used for businesses that are mainly bars, however; they are intended to help boost food sales, and restaurants that receive them are supposed to have at least 51 of their income coming from food.

Apr 28, 2018. Riverfront district expanding to include Firecracker Hill By  Sara Clifford

The 4 1/2-year-old Nashville Riverfront District is expanding to include part of a 300-plus-acre area near Greasy Creek.  Firecracker Hill — home of the new Hard Truth Hills development — was accepted into the riverfront district last week with a unanimous vote by the Nashville Town Council. The Nashville Redevelopment Commission also voted unanimously for the expansion April 3.

Nashville does not have any body of water that one would traditionally think of as a river, but for the purpose of creating a riverfront district, Salt Creek is the body it has been using. The state does not define “river” in regards to riverfront districts …

The primary function of the riverfront district is to allow more restaurants to have three-way liquor licenses than are granted by the state based on a community’s population. Three-way licenses allow the serving of beer, wine and liquor.

When the Nashville Riverfront District was formed in 2013, the town council set the number of riverfront liquor licenses at five, then increased the total to 10 earlier this year to meet expected demand.

2022 Commissioner Meetings

brown county indiana

2022 – Expectations for County Government
Feb 2,  2022. 2:00 pm – next meeting.

Jan 19, 2022  Commissioner Meeting – 2:00-3:30 – 16 participants. Facebook Post at Brown County Matters    Updated Jan 21, 2022

Officers. Jerry Pittman re-voted president. Chuck Braden nominated himself for VP which surprised the other commissioners, but it was seconded and he is now VP. Diana Biddle was the previous VP.

Brown Countyt Website Overview. An overview of the website was provided by Laura Winett of IT. Each department (if they so choose), now can upload their own minutes, agendas, recordings, and current news, links to their Facebook account, etc. Website includes information on job postings.

Nashville Bicycle/Path Master Plan –County funding. Diana Biddle committed $20K (or more) to development of a plan that is speculated to cost 100k. Other partners include Nashville, YMCA, Foundation, Parks and Rec. The “justification” was that in addition to Nashville, this “could” support other areas in Washington Township. Nashville’s population is about 1,000. County population around 15,000 with many areas that might benefit from funding for trails.

Highway Department Update – Mike Magnor.  See their website for updates on Road Plan, report an issue, and updates.

Definition of a Plan. Commissioners Biddle’s definition of a plan describes a concept or idea which explains her insight that past “plans” end up on a shelf.  The professional definition of a “plan” includes objectives, method (plan of action with milestones), risks, and resources (time and money).

Bonus – 1,000, Elected Officials. The money is coming from an excess in the life insurance fund, not the wellness fund.  This excess was not identifed during the budget hearings.

Annual Facilities Walk-Thru.  No specifics as to what this entails.  Should include an inspection, review of maintenance schedules, plan as to repairs and replacements, e.g., a foundation of a Capital Improvement Plan and Budget.

Board Appointments. An issue was raised regarding the criteria that could be applied in selecting candidates. The Commissioners reinforced they can appoint anyone they believe can do a good job.

Website – Boards and Commissions. The Brown County Website does not include Boards and Commissioners or a listing of appointments and expirations – current and historical.

Salt Creek Trail For the Record. Nothing too new. The trail from the State Park to the YMCA is “funded” with fed and state money. The proposed route from the Red Barn to the YMCA may have been identified. The State handles land acquisitions.

Personal Commentary. With a one-party monopoly on political power, candidates selected for elected and appointed offices generally pose little risk to the status quo. This is reinforced by an electorate that accepts the status quo. The county voted around 64% for Trump in 2016 and 2020.  Democrat candidates typically are not competitive and candidates with social media posts that denigrate conservatives, Trump and his supports do not lead to more votes. Covid policies have reinforced the political divide nationally as well as locally.

Transparency. Knowledge is potential power and why share it if you do not have to? Lack of transparency leads to inefficiencies and corruption. Corruption defined as the inability to distinguish between right and wrong.

Legal – Barnes and Thornburg. NSTR.

Request for Information (RFI). I follow up every meeting  on my requests for more information. I estimate it would take about an hour to provide the information.


Jan 5, 2021. Commissioner Meeting, 2:00 p.m. In person and Zoom. 20 participants.
Facebook Post – Brown Countyt Matters

    • Health Clinic. Will be expanding hours for testing and vaccinations. Grant money from the state will cover overtime.
    • Board Appointments. Commissioners approved appointments to several boards. Number of applicantes/re-appointments matched vacancies.  A brief discussion regarding the statute appointing members to the Convention Visitor Commission (CVC) – 3 of the 5 members must be “be engaged in the hotel or motel business within the county.” (IC 6-9-14)
    • Health Savings.  It was reported that the change in provider (s) of prescriptions saved: $329,785.
    • Employee Buyouts. Only 3 employees accepted the 15K buyout offer – 1 in propbation and 2 in the auditors office.  The expectation for budget purposese was the number would be higher.
    • Highway Department (website). Milestone was selected as the low bidder.
    • In 2022, I am also posting and consolidating all the meeting notes at Indep Voters – included the link to the RFIs. Request for Information (RFI).  I followed up on a few of my requests. Also requested more information on the Music Centers financial condition.   
    • Additions:
      • County Attorneys Barnes and Thornburg. Contract was renewed, not advertised for other bids. Anecdotal testimony as to the value-added.
      • “Fire District.”  The Fire District exists on paper.  Would allow the District to tax residentes to support fire protection to include paid firefighters.  This was a contoversial issue a few years ago and ended up in court.  Commissioners implied this may be more acceptable now.

Life insurance death claims up 40% in the 18-64 age group

The original article

Indiana life insurance CEO says deaths are up 40% among people ages 18-64”.  By Margaret Menge,  The Center Square, Jan 1, 2022.

Follow-up stories on the article by others

What if the largest experiment on human beings in history is a failure? A report from an Indiana life insurance company raises serious concerns. By Robert W Malone MD, MS

Insurance CEO: All-cause deaths jump by ‘unprecedented’ rate while COVID down. Vaccine inventor sees ‘massive, massive failure of public policy’ By Art Moore, WND, Jan 3, 2022.

    • It’s an unprecedented rate that is four times higher than a once-in-200-year catastrophe, said Scott Davison
    • Malone noted that the reported COVID death rate in Indiana was lower than the death rate for people with employee-based insurance.
    • “This suggests that these people that are under the insurance mandate, are highly jabbed, have an enormously increased mortality rate compared to the general population,” Malone said. … He cautioned that a causative relationship can only be inferred, but “there is no question that the federal policies are an abject failure.”

Unprecedented: Deaths in Indiana for ages 18-64 are up 40%. This is huge. Something is killing healthy people at an unprecedented rate. It isn’t COVID. Could it be the “safe and effective” COVID vaccine? I think so. Here’s why. By  Steve Kirsch

Insurance companies – just like banking, not so boring anymore! Make a call to your insurance company and ask if you’re covered if injured from injections. By Jessica Rose, Jan 3, 2022 

    • Davison made some pretty amazing statements at this conference. Among them, was that young people are suddenly dying at higher rates – like historically unheard of rates – and no one seems to know why. He said that the death rate is 40% higher than pre-pandemic levels among working-age people and that most of the claims for deaths being filed are not classified as COVID-19 deaths. So, what are they dying from at unprecedented rates, you ask?
    • Mr. Davison also said that the company is seeing a rise in both short-term and long-term disability claims. This is confirmed by reports made to VAERS in the context of COVID-19 injectable products. The latest update from VAERS shows 12180 (with Under Reporting Factor (URF) of 41 – 499,380) reports of disabilities that range from unilateral blindness to (hemi)paresis.
    • So what does this tell us? It tells us that we are potentially in a huge steaming pile of shit. To be frank. These indications from our friend at the insurance company are simply that – indications. If what we are seeing in VAERS, and the other adverse event reporting systems, is the mere reflection of what is actually going on with regards to injuries, which I presume it is, then we ain’t seen nothing yet. And if what is being reported with regards to immune deficiencies associated with these injections is not simply anecdotal or representative of a small sub-cohort of individuals, we could be looking at a government imposed complete health disaster. We will have to pull together to get through it, as I always say.To end this write-up, as Robert said, I hope I am wrong. But I fear that I am not.

“Highest Death Rates In History” – Indiana Life Insurance CEO Says Deaths are UP BY A WHOPPING 40% Among People Aged 18-64 in 2021 – Only a Fraction From Covid Deaths (VIDEO) By Julian Conradson Published January 3, 2022 at 7:52pm, Gateway Pundit

    • From Indiana Center Square:
      • “He [Tabor] said he did not have a breakdown showing why so many people in the state are being hospitalized – for what conditions or ailments. But he said the extraordinarily high death rate quoted by Davison matched what hospitals in the state are seeing.
      • “What it confirmed for me is [Davidson] bore out what we’re seeing on the front end,…” he said.
    • According to Indiana’s chief medical officer Dr. Lindsay Weaver, ever since the vaccines were introduced, there have been more people hospitalized than at any point in the past 5 years. As of now, just 37% of ICU patients in the state are hospitalized for Covid-19, compared to a whopping 54% of beds that are occupied by patients with other ailments, she explained at a news conference with Gov. Eric Holcomb on Wednesday.
      • A similar pattern has been seen in hospitals across the country.

Life Insurance CEO Says Deaths Up 40% Among Those Aged 18-64, BY TYLER DURDEN, Zero Hedge.

    • The increase represents “huge, huge numbers,” among “primarily working-age people” who have employer-sponsored group life plans through OneAmerica, according to The Center Square.
    • I can’t emphasize how big of a deal this is…actuaries just assess risk with math. They will be pushing the costs on to employers. Don’t trust VAERS?…well the actuaries trust math so they don’t care what you think.
    • It’s hard to hide 3 sigma events from actuaries with bullshit media propaganda…take note friends & read the thread this tweet is in. This actuarial datapoint is a game changer in the debate.

Insurer Says Deaths For Ages 18-64 Up 40%, COVID-19 Not to Blame By  Michelle Edwards,  January 3, 2022,

    • CDC’s COVID-19 Mortality Overview.  In 2021, with COVID-19 vaccines available under emergency use authorization to those 16 years and older, the CDC reported 431,384 deaths attributed to COVID-19 on death certificates through the week ending Dec. 25, 2021. For the same period in 2020—with no vaccines available—the agency says 385,439 deaths were attributed to COVID-19.
    • Interestingly, when conveying the “most frequently listed co-morbidities with COVID-19 deaths,” the CDC’s COVID-19 Mortality Overview notes that “there were co-morbidities or other conditions listed on the death certificate for as many as 95% of all COVID-19 deaths. The other 5% of death certificates in which COVID-19 was the only condition listed was likely related to a lack of detail listed about other conditions present at the time of death.” 
Insurance CEO says deaths up 40% among working age people, and it’s not just COVID Just the News  “We are seeing, right now, the highest death rates we have seen in the history of this business,” OneAmerica CEO Scott Davison says.
Coverage of the Story – No Reference to Margaret Menge’s article

Now People Are Dying from the Vaccine by Via Via Paul Craig Roberts, Jan 6, 2022

How to verify for yourself that over 150,000 Americans have been killed by the COVID vaccines Guest Post by Steve Kirsch

COVID: Insurance executive says death rates among working-age people up 40 percent. By Patrick Beane, Indiana Public Radio(IPB) – A listener-supported service of Ball State University, Muncie IN. | Published on
    • This article does not reference Margaret Menges article but does provide an interesting “spin” and avoids the issue – What is causing the unexpected deaths and will they continue?

Death Claims Increase 40% According To Major Insurance Company After Vaccines 

    • This claim is not verifiable at this point:  “Massive Death increase that can not be explained unless the Vaccine caused it.”  
    • The number of hospitalizations in the state is now higher than before the COVID-19 vaccine was introduced a year ago, and in fact is higher than it’s been in the past five years, 
      •  … In other words, more Americans are dying since the vaccine than ever before.  That last paragraph may be the beginning of a huge upcoming bolus of evidence showing that the anti-jabbers were right all along: the injection that rejoices under the misnomer of a “vaccination” is, instead, a life-taker, not a life-saver.

Doctor Sounds Alarm: Stillbirths Explode in Canada (Video), RAIR Foundation. Nov 29, 2021.

    • Stillbirths in fully vaccinated women are exploding in Canada. For example, in Waterloo, Ontario, 86 cases have been reported in six months, compared to typically five to six per year, says doctor Daniel Nagase. “That is highly unusual.”

Additional Information – Context. Indiana governor accuses AG of fanning the flames of confusion of COVID-19, By Margaret Menge | The Center Square contributor, Dec 30, 2021.

    • “I will say that I was stunned and somewhat blindsided by the attorney general when he said he didn’t trust any information because that, to me, hit home,” Holcomb said at a press conference Wednesday.
    • In response to Holcomb’s comments, Rokita posted a statement to Twitter on Wednesday evening, saying: “A lack of global standardization of the data and non-uniform use of criteria is an industry-wide management issue, not an Inspector General Issue… This isn’t about fraud at this point, it’s about inaccurate numbers and political agendas causing doubt.”
    • Dr. Lindsay Weaver, who said the state Department of Health had reviewed the VAERS data for Indiana and did not see any issues.

2022 Expectations – County Elections

Franklin Plan

 Included in the Brown County Matters Facebook page banner is the reference to the Brown County Leader Network (BCLN). This program was developed through a grant from the State (5k) and a matching grant from the county (5k) as part of the Hometown Collaborative Initiative (HCI).

Disclaimer. Independent Voters of Brown County IN is my personal website and reflects my opinions  and perspectives and not necessarily that of the BCLN,  its volunteers or my fellow Admins at Brown County Matters.

Overview of the BCLN Concept

We were the first group in the history of the HCI program that selected “Leadership” as opposed to Economy and Placemaking, for a capstone project. Consequently, it is taking a little more time to work through the learning curve. We developed a website and a proof-of-concept project. Covid slowed our momentum, and we are reengaging starting in January. We recently applied for support from the IU’s Student Agile Response Teams (START).  These teams are are designed “to leverage the vast skills, passion, and time of our students to more efficiently and effectively support our community”  Copy of the BCLN application.

Community based quality improvement initiatives are not new and not common. THE BCLN is unique in that it can support individual as well as group improvement efforts in any area – government, secular, non-secular, non-profit, and private sector.

 Improving the Quality of County Government

In America, by law, “We the People” are top management. Elected and appointed officials along with county employees, are accountable for serving the interest of all citizens. Citizens are responsible for electing and supporting leaders with the expectation that changes will result in outcomes where everyone benefits or at least, are not any worse off in the long term.  This expectation requires the identification of priorities, goals, objectives and plans. An annual report on the “State of the County” would include assessing results from the prior year (s) accomplishments and identifying the areas needing further improvement.

    • Need for new and updated to plans?   The County Comprehensive Plan needs to be updated to better reflect the needs of residents as to what they want and do not want in terms of development and investments of tax dollars.
    • Capital Improvement Plan and Budget.  The county does not plan or budget for infrastructure related costs.  This is one of the more critical plans needed to  identify the funded and unfunded requirements associated with infrastructure investments to include maintenance, repair and replacements.
    • Economic Development Strategic Plan.  The county spent approximately $45K on this plan. The plan was approved for “payment” but not reviewed for content.

The design of our system of government, envisioned a limited role for government and more responsibility on citizens.  Improving any system requires a shared vision for what “more perfect or better” looks like, the feedback needed to assess progress, a method for leading change, and then determining if or when the change results in an improvement.

The Missing Piece?  The American system of government enables citizens through the Constitution and Bill of Rights to work together in pursuit of a more perfect Union and community.  However, we’ve lacked a shared method for determining when a needed change via policies, laws, and regulations result in systemic improvements in the short and long term. This has contributed to the polarity and divisiveness within the country and county where the interests of the few can takes precedence over options that can result in outcomes where everyone can benefit, or at least, are not any worse off in the long-term.

The BCLN provides materials to support continuous improvement. It  includes information on conducting assessments, decision-making, strategic planning, and project management. An example (cycle 1) and proof-of-concept is provided by the Jackson Township Trustees Office.

In reference to Benjamin Franklin’s quote on the importance of planning, the strategic planning outline introduces a systemic approach through the awareness of the effects of change on all stakeholders in the near, mid, and long-term.

In terms of “needs”, the Constitution identifies the appropriate scope of change.  Indiana State code identifies the missions and functions that are to be provided by County Government, Boards, and Commissions. In Brown County, the condition of roads and bridges is considered a priority by the citizenry.  Additional needs are and can be addressed by the non-profit and private sectors.

Community-wide quality improvement initiatives are not new and are not common. THE BCLN is unique in that it supports individual as well as group/organization improvement efforts.

Application Opportunities within County Government

Transparency and Accountability. Investment in the new Brown County website allows all the departments to update their own pages. At a minimum, each respective page should identify the respective mission and functions as required by statute. In addition, it should also include at least a one-page plan that identifies priorities, goals, and objectives for the year. Minutes, agendas, and audio recordings from meetings should be immediately (within 24 hours?) be made available to the public. An annual “state” of the department, commission, or board, should also be posted on the respective pages. These annual reports can be consolidated by the Commissioners and Council and included into their respective annual reports.

Top Management within County Govt.  Commissioners are the county executives that execute a plan supported by the citizenry. I am not aware that the County has a documented plan. And, any political party platform can be devoid of any specifics. People tend to vote for a label, and/or a name as opposed to electing individuals that have the capability and desire to develop a plan with citizen input and then executing it successfully. A seat of the pants approach does not produce the best results.

    • Utilizing ad-hoc groups to propose and develop major changes and using their work as the sole justification for approval is an example of government at its worst.  Typically, “solutions” can support a special interest with no clear identification as to the scope and extent of the respective problem.

Commission Meetings. All meetings start with a Prayer. The Christian worldview includes the belief that actions motivated by love result in more needs being met, resulting in less harm to people when their needs are not being met. Given limited resources (tax dollars), priorities as to spending become critical:

    • What are the needs and priorities of citizens? What is being done to meet these needs?  What harm is being caused when these needs are not being met?

Including “Prayer” as an integral part of a government meeting establishes the expectation for a higher standard of performance including being prepared to defend the practice.

    • Justifications: In addition to the book  – The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel, that was also turned into a movie, I would recommend a book (short, and concise) by Mark Mittelberg, The Reason Why: Faith Makes Sense.  For the atheist that wants to see the proof – the evidence that Christianity is true, I would recommend the following from J. Warner Wallace – a former atheist and homicide detective:
    • Success Through Quality. This is my personal website that includes a download of my book, articles, and research papers. Also provides an introduction to quality management and continuous improvement.

Secular and Non-Secular Approach to Improvement 

The methods and tools provided by the BCLN support both a secular “and” non-secular approach to improvement. Opposing political parties as well as any other group with a desire to improve the quality of life within the county can apply the guidance to develop their own respective vision and plans for the county with the intent to offer a competing narrative.

Barriers and Challenges. Any perceived change to the culture, status quo, comfort zone, “the way we’ve always done it”,  is most always perceived as a threat from those that are benefitting from the current system. And, few people enjoy getting out of their respective comfort zone unless the perceived benefits are greater than the perceived risks. Further, many may accept the belief that the devil you know may be better than the devil you do not know – this is especially true in the area of straight-ticket voting.

Leadership. Within a group, the role of Leadership has always been to support a needed shift from the old status quo to the new. From the political aspect, 2022 is an election year. It provides an opportunity to elect or re-elect individuals with the desire and capability to support the types of changes that lead to outcomes where everyone benefits, or at least, are not any worse off in the long-term. Meeting this challenge requires leaders with a vision, a plan, and a method.

Status on RFIs – Request for Information

RFI Request for Information

 Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Requests for information (RFI) from county officials can be made via email, letter, or formally through Indiana’s Public Access Counselor (PAC).  The Public Access Counselor provides advice and assistance concerning Indiana’s public access laws to members of the public and government officials and their employees. Formal Complaint Form

On formal complaints, as of Dec 29, 2019, I have made three.  One was asking for the customer list for the proposed Bean Blossom Sewer Plant, one was to obtain copies of the draft septic ordinance policies and procedures manual from the Health Department, and the third was asking for a list of legal settlements made by the county – this one is still ongoing.  The process within Indiana is not bad – the federal system is much more bureaucratic and lengthy.

Generally, county officials have within 30 days to respond to a request. Typically, responses are mush faster and on the same day in many cases.

I’ve created this post to keep track of my RFIs.  Commissioners meet on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month at 2:00, Salmon Room, County Office Building and via Zoom.

Pending Requests for Information and Action

Jan 16, 2022. Council.  Request a review of the Brown County Regional Sewer District (BCRSD).

Jan 7, 2022. Assessor. Closed.  Music Center not obligated to pay “property taxes. ” On assessments,  (By law) Cyclical reassessment looks at properties every four years  (but can occur more frequently). Typically hotels/motels are valued on their income and expense statements.

    • The Music Center paid 54K in property taxes.  Is the Music Center required by law to pay property taxes?  Unlike a jail or a courthouse, a venue with the purpose of generating a profit and increasing tourism from out of county residents,  is not a “public good.”
    • Assessments in Nashville.  What are the options for how commercial properties in Nashville are assessed?   When I’ve looked at trends throughout the county, Nashville had the smallest amount of increases.   (Increases for residents are based on sales/market. Little turnover in commercial propoerties.)

Jan 6, 2022.  To Do: Commissioners — ABC Appointment?  No info – website.

Jan 5, 2022. Commissioners.  Request information – Brown County Music Center (BCMC) Finances. Note: Commissioner Biddle and Councilman Bryd are the elected officials that serve on the BCMC Board.

    • Does the Music Center show a profit last year and this year?  Is the mortgage payment factored into the calculation as to profit and loss?   What was the impact of the revenue from the county (239K) and the feds (2.737)  million regarding profit or loss?
    • Has the financial condition of the BCMC ever been independently audited?
    • When will the BCMC’s independently audited financial statement for 2021 be available?  Is the auditor Blue and Company?

 Dec 23, 2021. Request for Council.   Requested a documented position by Barnes and Thornburg attorneys regarding the councils’ review and approval of the CVC budget.

Dec 22, 2021. Request to Commissioners.  Requested copies of correspondence (including Petitions) between the RR and the County regarding the RR Crossing on Indian Hill Rd.

Dec 14, 2021. Closed Jan 1, 2021.  BCRSD. Requested copies of minutes that documented the discussion regarding the postcard notification to 600 residents that include a summary of water testing results.

Dec 11, 2021. Auditor. Request for information regarding receiving any money (crossing closure funds) from INDOT to help with closing the railroad crossing on Indian Hill Rd.

Dec 11, 2021. Auditor. Requested a copy of the new BCMC Admin Agreement once signed.

July 2021.  Commissioners and State.  Ongoing.  Requested a list of all the legal settlements (case/amount) made by the county over the past 10 years. Made a formal request to the State Public Access Counselor that resulted in “paper dump” that did not include the requested information.   Made repeated follow-up requests to the commissioners with no resolution.

    • Jan 05, 2022. Follow-Up – Commissioners.  Request information on the settlement with John Simpson. If the settlement was made, it was not listed as a county claim – it would have been provided by the insurer (GIE?).