Christian Nationalism?

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Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Biblical Worldview – Quality of Life

The two most important issues at the root of every debate about the application of morality to civil government and culture are the standards we use to judge good and evil and the entity that decides those standards. How we resolve both will determine the future of our nation. – Squires   

A statement on the ‘New Apostolic Reformation’ and ‘Christian Nationalism‘. Michael Brown joins group of Christian leaders in clarifying and analyzing 2 movements

    • As for “Christian nationalism,” WE RECOGNIZE that for some, this simply refers to a healthy form of Christian patriotism, of loving God and loving one’s country. In that sense, the term is benign.
    • WE ALSO RECOGNIZE that there is a dangerous and unhealthy form of “Christian nationalism,” one that speaks of a potential Christian uprising against the government or hints at the use of force to advance God’s kingdom.WE CATEGORICALLY AND UNEQUIVOCALLY DENY any affiliation with or connection to that form of Christian nationalism. 

Squires: ‘Jesus and Elton John’ Christian nationalism rejects the belief that our designer is our definer

    • The Christian left takes a very different approach because it sees both the Bible and the Constitution as “living documents” that should evolve – both in meaning and application – as times change. For theological liberals, the designer is acknowledged, but individuals and the people who wield the most influence in a particular context define each aspect of creation and determine its purpose.
    • A recent Associated Press story claimed scholars characterize Christian nationalism by “a fusion of American and Christian values, symbols and identity” as well as the the belief that God “has destined America, like the biblical Israel, for a special role in history” and that the country “will receive divine blessing or judgment depending on its obedience.”

      Those features sound ideologically neutral, … but most journalists and political liberals frame Christian nationalism as a white, conservative, patriarchal theonomic enterprise. They have created a religious avatar that, to quote one prominent historian of religion and society, is embodied by the contorted theology of Jesus and John Wayne.

Political Purges Emerge Through the Compliance of Those Following Orders By Doug “Uncola” Lynn

    • But, think about it, who in the civilized West would oppose those who love God and country (i.e. Christian Nationalists) other than Luciferian globalists?


What Is Christian Nationalism? An explainer on how the belief differs from other forms of nationalism, patriotism, and Christianity. PAUL D. MILLER|

    • Christian nationalism is the belief that the American nation is defined by Christianity, and that the government should take active steps to keep it that way. 

News-media giant warns of rising of ‘white Christian nationalism’ ‘Experts say’ its ‘apocalyptic vision’ poses biggest ‘threat’ to America, By Art Moore, WND

    • An Associated Press article on the influence of “Christian nationalism” on the 2022 primary elections has confirmed the fears of many voices on the left who are calling for action, lest the nation perish.

      MSNBC host Joy Reid said via Twitter she was “glad to see the mainstream media beginning to make it plain, rather than trying to sugarcoat or both-sides this, because Christian nationalism poses a very real threat to American national security and social cohesion.”

Christian nationalism on the rise in some GOP campaigns, May 29, 2022, Associated Press 

    • But scholars generally define Christian nationalism as going beyond policy debates and championing a fusion of American and Christian values, symbols and identity. …Christian nationalism, they say, is often accompanied by a belief that God has destined America, like the biblical Israel, for a special role in history, and that it will receive divine blessing or judgment depending on its obedience.

    • Christian nationalism is emerging alongside and in some cases overlapping with other right-wing movements, such as the conspiratorial QAnon, white supremacy, and denialism over COVID-19 and the 2020 election. Christian prayers and symbols featured prominently in and around the U.S. Capitol during the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection there.

An ‘imposter Christianity’ is threatening American democracy, Updated 12:46 PM ET, Sun July 24, 2022

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