Christian Matters in Brown County

christian 3119091-Sinclair-B-Ferguson-Quote-The-conviction-that-Christian-doctrine

Community Calendar. The Brown County Democrat publishes announcements, events and training opportunities for Churches and other non-profits  in the “Community Calendar” section in the paper and on their website.

Commisioner Meetings are started with a biblical-based prayer which is followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Supporting Posts – that support a secular and non-secular approach to continual improvement

2022 Expectations for County Government – Support for Christian influenced improvement strategies and Citizenship

Ratio Christi – Ratio Christi’s wants to keep students strong in their faith so they can withstand the challenges they face as they go out into the world.  

    • Survey indicates that “75of students leave their faith behind during college. Help us change that before it’s too late.” – Ratio Christi
    • A recent New poll: 58 percent of Americans believe in ‘God as described in the Bible’  Slightly higher number than in 2020, WND Nov 26, 2021.   “All total, 91 percent of Americans say they believe in God or a higher power – slightly above the percentage when Pew asked those same questions in 2020 (89 percent) and 2017 (90 percent).”

Saturate USA –Share the good news (Gospel) with 120 Million Homes in the U.S. BY 2027

Local, National, Global Challenges.  This post – Current Times, End-Times, Better Times – A Way Ahead, incorporates a conservative and Christian perspective on global and national issues that have local impact.  

Improvement Strategies.  A Way-Ahead for America – a secular and non secular approach to improvement supported with application of the quality improvement, principles, methods, and tools.

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