Brown County Leader Network

Updated July 23, 2019

The Brown County Leader Network is an initiative that was created from Brown County’s participation in the Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA) Hometown Collaborative initiative (HCI).

Concept Walk Through – Brown County Leader Network 2020_05_15

Status:  We are currently in the process of validating the proof of concept (prototypes) that includes working with volunteers on developing their initiatives and programs.

What we do – the Plan:   Promote the success of Brown County nonprofit groups and organizations, raise awareness of their positive contributions to our quality of life, support and help recruit volunteers, provide support and a collaborative leadership approach to improvement through application of proven practices, methods, and tools.

Support Services and Process –  2019_02_07 BCLN Guide of Support Services

  • Four Common Components in any success story
  • Getting Started
  • Stakeholder Community – Identification and Analysis
  • Program Assessment – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT)
  • Community Decision-Making Process
  • Strategic Planning
  • Project Planning
  • Annual Report
  • Success Stories

Why we do it:   To develop  “a more perfect” (better) county that strives to address the needs and respects the values of our citizens.

  • The U.S. system of government was designed to be continually improved through actions that result in “a more perfect Union.”  We the People are “top management.”  Positive change at the local level will contribute to needed change at the State and National levels.

Communication Strategy — Website (WIP) and Brown County Democrat newspaper

General Information:

  • 2020 Goals – Develop 6-8 Projects – Publish Results;  Develop a website.
    • Offer Monthly Presentations and Workshops – Career Resource Center (CRC)
    • Complete by-laws, apply for 501c(3) status.

Additional and Supporting Information and Initative

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