2018 Staffing Study

2018 Brown County Compensation 


Brown County Employee Compensation Review May 2018

  •  pg. 1 – Brown County Employee Compensation May 2018
  • Pg 5. ” … research indicates that Brown County is either number one or a close second, in nearly every area of compensation among similar-sized counties
  • Pg. 8. County Comparisons – similar size counties:  Blackford, Perry, Switzerland, Crawford, Pike.
  • pg. 17 Brown County Benefits:A far above average Medical Plan, #2 of all comparable counties. The number one longevity Pay Plan among comparable counties. A leading PERF retirement plan contribution of 11.2%. The highest number of paid holidays OFF, Free Term Life Insurance, Wellness Program.
  • Additional benefit:  County employees have a one (1) hour paid lunch.
  • pg 18. IU Kelley School of Business Study
  • pg 21 IU Kelley School of Business Bronw County Compensation Analysis

Aug 23, 2018. BCM Facebook Post Budget Hearings – Staffing Study.

May 21, 2018. BCM Facebook Post

  • Tim J. Clark Salary Study. Also at last nights meeting, Keith Baker provided a summary of the results of the salary study that was supported by students from IU’s Kelley School of Business. There are 9 changes to positions with a total increase to the budget of $43K. They study was very thorough and refined with input from the council. Overall, salaries are competitive with other counties our size and we are more than competitive with benefits – health, longevity pay, life insurance, and paid holidays. This study with refinements is a good example of “due diligence.”
  • Sherrie Mitchell Keith Baker informed us that among the counties close to our size we are number 1 in salary pay. We pay our employees more than any other small county and we offer employee benefits not offered by other counties, placing us at number one for benefits. What we fail to talk about is that these employees are living off the backs of the poor. No one ever wants to talk about the 52% of our population living without health insurance and making less than $30,000. Discussion is always about the needs of the county, never the needs of the citizens.


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