Commissioner Meeting Notes – Dec 27, 2022

we the people declaration and flagCommissioner Meeting Notes – Dec 27, 2022.

Courthouse Additions – No Money. (Sally Port: $803, 996;  Public Entrance with security: $404,913.00.)   There was only bid. Despite several meetings on the topic, the commissioners never discussed the need to borrow money (750K) at one of their meetings. They identified the need at the Dec 19 Council Meeting. Council requested that the commissioners solicit more bids which the commissioners agreed to at this meeting.

Commentary. These are needed additions and reflect the county’s (elected officials and voters) neglect in supporting, developing and managing a capital improvement plan and budget to include identifying priorities.   The council has recognized the need and with a new commissioner, there may be some progress made in 2023.

The issue also reinforces a lack of understanding on a need for analysis and the value of strategic planning.  A “plan” identifies an outcome, action needed, resources and risks.  The term “plan” in county government meetings has often been described as being like a “new year resolution.”

In 2018, the commissioners paid for a study (16k) conducted by DLZ  that led to a proposal to build a new Justice Center. Estimated cost at around 10 million and maybe another 2 million for upgrades to the existing courthouse.  There was no public support due to a lack of a compelling need and no-plan B such as what is being proposed now by DLZ. With a little foresight, it would not have too difficult to set aside the money for “Plan B.”   The replacement of the prosecutor’s office has also been identified as a need for “years.”   No plan, no budget. Stay tuned.

Board and Commission Appointments.  The commissioner’s approved those wanting to be re-appointed. The recurring comments is that we get few letters of interest for vacancies.  The council has had a more consistent process for appointments – they advertise, review letters of interest, and expect candidates to show up at their meeting where the candidate can reinforce their interest and answer questions.  Commissioners process is more information – interview optional. They typically rely on selecting those they know.  The list of vacancies provided in this weeks Democrat.

Commentary. Post (county website) the “inventory” of all the positions to include the individuals currently in the positions, who appoints (council or commissioners), when the term expires, and the special qualifications required if any) supported with the respective statute.  Identify how and when vacancies will be filled.   At one time (Dec 2018), Commissioner Pittman identified his intent for developing a policy.

Music Center Mgmt. Group and Foundation.  I raised the issue of why non-elected officials are determining how revenue from a county government owned and operated venue can be “donated” for non-venue relates causes.

Commentary – link to more info: BCMC and Foundation

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