BCRSD Meeting Notes Jan 12, 2023

Brown County Regional Sewer District (BCRSD) Meeting Notes: Jan 12, 2023, 6:00 p.m.

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  • Map of the overall concept and potential new customers. Board members declined my request for a copy or to post on their website. The excuse being it is a “Draft.” The excuse regarding “Drafts” has been used before and the State Public Access Counselor (PAC) overruled this opinion. What is the harm on sharing information marked as “Draft” to p[provide people with a heads-up on decisions that will affect their quality of life?  I submitted an inquiry to the PAC.
  • Easements. The target dates for completing applications for funding are April 1. Prior to construction, customers will have to agree to an easement. There is customer support in the Lake Lemon, Trevlac, and Helmsburg areas who have documented needs for service. The justifications in the Bean Blossom area have been based on speculation and conjecture.
  • Future Meetings: (1) Joint Meeting with the Helmsburg RSD on January 24, 2023 at 6PM. This meeting will be held at the BC Community Center in the lower level. (2) Joint meeting with the funding agencies, contractors, and both RSD Boards on Jan 25, 2023, 10:30 Community Foundation, lower level.
  • Boundaries. The current western boundary for the expanded sewer service is the east end of Lake Lemon. There is interest in extending further west into Monroe County. There is support for the Lake Lemon conservancy district and likely Bloomington Utilities.
  • Election of Officers. No change. The current officers reappointed to the same positions.
  • No change — current officers reappointed to the same positions. Mike Leggins (President), Clint Studabaker (VP), Phil LeBlanc (Treasurer), Richard Hall (Secretary), and Matt Hanlon (At-large).
  • Asset Management Plan. The state requires an asset management plan. This will help identify future maintenance and repair costs and likely increases in customer’s monthly rates.
  • BCRSD provided Information. Facebook Page and Website

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