Harmony Cove Development – For the Record

harmony cove development

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Dec 7, 2022. UPDATE – tonight’s commissioner meeting: Project has been canceled (buyer/seller disagreement). Commissioners canceling the re-zone to General Business. The developer is still interested in locating land for their project, and the commissioners agreed to provide any support needed.

Dec 1, 2022. Rezone of 44.5 acres in Gnaw Bone OK’d; Nearby property seeks same rezone, discussion tabled til December By  Abigail Youmans

New Development.  The APC recommended and the Commissioners approved a zoning change to allow for residential development for up to 51 homes in the 800-1,400 hundred square feet category. The target market is retirees and second (weekend) homes. The rezone involved 44.5 acres from Primary Residential (R1) to General Business (GB). The area is located across from the new RV trailer park on 46 in Gnawbone.

Area Plan Commission (APC):

Note: When an area is rezoned from residential to general business, easy enough for plans to change if/when needed.  The only constraint for the approval is that no rentals under 30 days would be allowed. (The petitioners have been working on their primary Major Subdivision paperwork for a future hearing and I believe they close on the property next week.)

Commissioner Meeting Nov 2, 2022.  Commissioners approved the re-zone.

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