Commissioner Meeting Notes: Dec 7, 2022  

Commissioner Meeting Notes: Dec 7, 2022  

Rezone of 44.5 acres – Harmony Cove Development. Commissions approved a re-zone at their Nov 2, 2022 meeting.  The project fell through and the re-zone was canceled (vacated).  The developer is looking for new land and the commissioners expressed their support for the project.

Animal Control Contract. Approved for 50K.

Roads and Bridges. County received 1 million from the state’s community crossing grant.   This is a recurring grant – the county has received it 5 times previously.

County’s updated asset management plan was submitted to the stat (Due Date Dec 1).  This lists the inventory and condition of all county roads.  

The plan going out to 2026 was briefed at the Oct 5, 2022  commissioner’s meeting. It has yet to be posted to the Highway Departments Website.

American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA )Funds Distribution:  County received around 3 million. Employee bonuses: 2021/22 – $748,000; Helmsurg RSD: 340K, Brown County RSD: 300K; Helmsbug Stormwater projects: 350K, Flood Control: 100K, Health Department Building renovations 50K, COAD 5K, Nashville Bicycle/Pedestrian master plan: 20K. 

Bids – Courthouse Additions. Sally Port: $803, 996;  Public Entrance with security: $404,913.00.  County likely has the funds but will require a shift in priorities.  The old CRC building is expected to be used as an alternate site for jury trials during construction.

Plans – New Coroner Office: Plans for the new building for the coroner’s office have been approved. 


    • Auditor’s Office. Health Benefits and Costs.  Request for Information.(RFI). I have asked the auditor for the history on the “total” budgeted to actual Health Insurance related costs that is reportedly available through the new accounting system.  Intent is to confirm that changes are resulting in less risk and costs to the taxpayers while still providing adequate health care for employees.   Costs have typically been underreported in the annual budget which routinely has been exceeded by over 500K a year.
    • Clerks Office.  On Oct 1, I requested a copy of the state’s audit report on the 2020 elections. County did receive a positive review.


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