Commissioner Meeting Notes: Nov 16, 2022 

Commissioner Meeting Notes: Nov 16, 2022   – 30 minutes crammed into 90.


ARPA Funds – No Change. The final decisions on the use of the ARPA funds is still being reviewed.  Changes as to which county employees will receive Covid related bonuses (around $700k) have been discussed.

      • The Foundation – in support of child care-related funding,  requested 195K of ARPA funds. This was before the referendum was approved to be placed on the Nov ballot that included a funding source for the Birth to Five program.  The referendum was defeated by the voters.

Road Paving Plan. The plan going out to 2026 was briefed at the Oct 5, 2022  commissioner’s meeting. It has yet to be posted to the Highway Departments Website. Commissioner Pittman asked Mike Magnor that this be posted.

Health Benefits and Costs.  Request for Information.(RFI). I have asked the auditor for the history on the “total” budgeted to actual Health Insurance related costs that is reportedly available through the new accounting system.  Intent is to confirm that changes are resulting in less risk and costs to the taxpayers while still providing adequate health care for employees.   Costs have typically been underreported in the annual budget which routinely has been exceeded by over 500K a year,

New Buildings. The courthouse projects – sally port and expanded entrance, are out for bid. Plans for the new buidling for the coroner’s office need some minor changes.

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