Covid Hearing Sponsored by U.S. Senator Johnson (R)

covid comparisons druges and deaths sen johnson

Assessment: Covid National Policy – Local Impacts
Jan 24, 2022. Senate Hearing
Sponsored by Sen Ron Johnson

Updated Feb 18, 2022  4:55  pm

  • General Update. Florida Hospital Immunity Bill on DeSantis’ Desk Amid Growing Outcry for Veto
    By Nanette Holt, Epoch Times, Updated: February 18, 2022
    • “The Republican-led effort on the bill seeks to extend a law that grants near-immunity to healthcare providers for, among other things, their treatment of COVID-19, as long as they follow “government-issued health standards relating to” the disease. “
    • The “government-issued health standards” did not include supporting the successful protocls unsing available drugs.
    • “DeSantis has said that doctors should be allowed to prescribe what they think works best, and has said that Florida legislators should make a law offering protection. He has not commented on the bill on his desk which contradicts his position.”
  • Brown County Matters Facebook Post and Comments

My takeaways:  The Health Care “system” was reengineered that led to more control and  centralization of power, the weakening of our system of government, the undermining of doctor patient relationships, corruption, and greed.

Corruption defined as in inability to determine right from wrong.

National polices have influenced state and local policies. What do you call the non-support for alternative treatments that have been proven to save lives and result in natural immunity?

In Brown County, IN, the Brown County Democrat newspaper (print and online) publish the Weekly Covid Stats and the Color Code for the State and County. I provide a supplement to this post that references much of the information that was covered in the senate hearing

Were the vaccines necessary and the best and only option?  Results from other countries and treatments for the unvaccinated challenge this premise.

Senator Johnson invited doctors, scientists, nurses and those with vaccin injuries that challenge the prevailing narrative. Sen Johnson also invited their respective critics – the so-called “experts” who declined his invitation – likely due to the advice of their attorneys?

The individuals challenging the prevailing narrative have been labeled as the ” fringe.” I hope you review their testimony and draw your own conclusions. In my view, they represent  the best of America.

I’ve been following the issues from the beginning. My posts on the topic: Covid Posts – For the Record

Jan 24, 2022 Senate Hearing – Ron Johnson. COVID-19A Second Opinion. Discussion begins around 40 minute mark. Sen. Ron Johnson moderates a panel discussion,  A group of world renowned doctors and medical experts provide a different perspective on the global pandemic response, the current state of knowledge of early and hospital treatment, vaccine efficacy and safety, what went right, what went wrong, what should be done now, and what needs to be addressed long term. More at

 Press Release and Agenda – Four Pillars and Speakers

  • My Notes. This was about 5 hours long – well worth the time.
    • Dr. McCullough (53 min mark), Two bad outcomes – hospitalization and death. Eartly detection and  early treatment (within 72 hours) is critical. Not a single hospital in America is holding themselves out to be medical centers of excellence in treating Covid.
    • Dr. Ryan Cole. Stopped his brother who was at high-risk, obese,  type 1 diabetic, oxygen at 86, with excruciating pain in lungs from going to the ER. Prescribed available drugs and his brother recovered.  Early and the right treatments saves lives.
    • Dr. Risch. 1:02. HCQ – initial false claims and studies that the drug was not effective, hid positive results and studies. Ivermecting similar – reduces risk of hospitilization and death. HCQ was used in some hospitals initially and then stopped it as a result of a warning by the FDA
    • Dr. Kory 1:10. A world expert on ivermectin. Calling attention to corruption. Policy written by big pharma.
    • Efficacy of masks.3:01 Mark 150 studies, Brownstone Institute, Surgical and Cloth masks do not prevent infections.
    • Steve Kirsch – 3:01 Mark – Only two randomized studies on masks, – both studies – zero effect. N95 marginal. P-100 mask is the  only one that works and it  only works for the wearer. For kids in Sweden, no masks, no deaths, no shutdowns.
    • Dr. Wiseman – treat early! – Dr. Marble –  – 150K patients. 99.99% survival rate. McCullough protocol, antibodies, several other low cost prescription drugs vitamin d, c, zinc …
    • Dr. Cory – 3:10 – national policies represent crimes.
    • Steve Kirsch – Treatments –  See also Dr George Fareed and Dr Brian Tyson Early Treatment Protocol, – 10,000 patients, zero deaths.
    • NO ADVERSE REACTION to available drugs 3:22 Mark – Dr. Cole. Dr. McCullough has lost patients that did not get early treatment. First 72 hours is critical. Concurrence by Steve Kirsch – treatment within 72 hours – no deaths.
    • Dr. Urso – more benefit (using available drugs) than risk – low risk.
    • 3:36 mark. Dr. McCullough. Independent Safety Review Process – Covid-19, Safety data monitoring. Critical event committees, Human Ethics Committee,  THOSE THREE INDEPENDENT BODIES NOT UTILIZED, WRONG BODIES IN LEADERSHIP ROLES. FDA and CDC SHOULD NEVER BE A SPONSOR. PROGRAM SHOULD HAVE BEEN SHUT DOWN IN FEB. APPOINTMENTS RIFE WITH CONFLICT OF INTEREST.
    • Why did agencies direct the types of treatments that could be provided by doctors? Threats to remove medical licenses. Not possible to get a needed covid medical exemption in CA.
    • Natural Immunity should be celebrated. Dr. Urso
    • Why are the doing this?  Dr. Korey – Profits ahead of patients. This is corruption – plane and simple.  1986 Act exempted pharmaceutical companies from liability. 3:50 mark.
    • Sen Johnson – CDC Numbers and from Stanford. Medical necessity and stratification of risk: 0-17, 20 deaths per million. Over 65 age group, 90,000 may die from covid per million. Dr. Ioannidis of Stanford support the IFR conclusions. Long-term Safety – Unknowable.
    • Dr. Malone – agencies refused to age stratify the data. 3:50 Mark.
    • Dr. Malone. Range of potential confounding variables – Risk – Vaccine Enhanced Disease – a known complication. Looking for emerging data – we seem to be seeing some data …
    • 4:06 – those with natural immunity and vaccination may be at risk.
    • CDC Claims that vaccinations reduce hospitalization  is not confirmed by any other county (Israel, Germany, UK)- fraudulent data claims- Dr. McCullough
    • Sen Johnson. Hospital Care. Limited treatment options. What are your rights as a patient? What happened to Right to Try Legislation?  physicians have discretion – every patient is unique -last two years physicians have been hamstrung.  Govt Health agencies directing care – they are not the experts. Unprecedented change to the “system.” Dr. Merick – his treatment of hospitalized patients using available drugs reduced deaths – 50% less than the other doctors (4:20). Patients are prisoners of the system. Changes are work are  steroids and putting patients that are on ventilators on their stomachs. Dead bodies incinerated. CDC is public health – they are not the super doctors. Current situation is unprecedented – Federal, State Government Health Agencies and Hospitals directing treatments – not doctors. As hospitals started consolidating, they started assuming more power and more “standardization” as opposed to the patient’s needs. Hospital deaths of patients being caused by underdosing steroids. Dr. Cory – problem is corruption (people can’t distinguish between right and wrong). Practice of medicine has been corrupted, trials are fixed to support new and more expensive drugs. Medical practice  has been coopted and corrupted. Medical malfeasance. Hospital’s incentives drives Covid related treatments.
    • Million adverse events in VAERS.
    • Spike Protein – a gamble – dangerous – high risk to safety. Dr. McCullough  The vaccines are causing fatal and non-fatal events.
    • 4:52. Tom Renz – Attorney DoD Whistleblowers. and (Lee Dundas)  – human rights attorney) – Defense Medical Databases. Whistleblower involvement, data being manipulated – doctoring of the data. Miscarriages up 300%, 300% increase in cancer, neurological issues – 1,000% increases. Corruption. Project Salas – give data to CDC, Fauci, “Crisis of the unvaxed” — fact is 71% new cases fully vaxed as is 60% of hospitalizations. Dr. Cole confirms increases in cancers – does 40K biopsies a year – seeing more cancers after the vaccines.
    • 5:05. Dr. Parks – mRNA- can alter genes for good or bad effects. Dr. McCullough – 21,000 cases of confirmed Myocarditis – 1 is too many – it is not mild, causes heart damage. Athletes dying throughout the world.
    • 5:13 When vaccine approved for emergency authorization,  they did not turn over the data required by law. Judge overruled the FDA on the timing of the release from 75 years to eight months.
    • Dr. Malone – warned against vaccines for children. Concerned about reproductive toxicity.
    • Founder – American Frontline Nurses .…” Registered nurse Nicole Sirotek shares what she saw on the front lines in NYC…” Overall gross malpractice; 10 year old with a heart attack a day after vaccination; we are a third world nation in healthcare. Hospitals resemble a concentration camp for seriously ill patients.

Additional Information

Itajaí, Brazil Citywide Prevention Program using Ivermectin Significantly Reduced COVID-19 Infection, Hospitalization, and Mortality Rate By Jim Hoft , Gateway Pundit, January 27, 2022. 

    • The study of this program was published on NIH website. “According to this comprehensive study, the regular use of ivermectin as a prophylactic agent was associated with significantly reduced COVID-19 infection, hospitalization, and death rates. The ivermectin non-users were two times more likely to die of COVID-19 than ivermectin users in the overall population analysis.”

New York Times Admits Unvaxxed People Have ‘Lower Rates of Infection And Hospitalization’ Of COVID-19 Than The Vaxxed. 

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