Status on RFIs – Request for Information

RFI Request for Information

 Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Requests for information (RFI) from county officials can be made via email, letter, or formally through Indiana’s Public Access Counselor (PAC).  The Public Access Counselor provides advice and assistance concerning Indiana’s public access laws to members of the public and government officials and their employees. Formal Complaint Form

On formal complaints, as of Dec 29, 2019, I have made three.  One was asking for the customer list for the proposed Bean Blossom Sewer Plant, one was to obtain copies of the draft septic ordinance policies and procedures manual from the Health Department, and the third was asking for a list of legal settlements made by the county – this one is still ongoing.  The process within Indiana is not bad – the federal system is much more bureaucratic and lengthy.

Generally, county officials have within 30 days to respond to a request. Typically, responses are mush faster and on the same day in many cases.

I’ve created this post to keep track of my RFIs.  Commissioners meet on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month at 2:00, Salmon Room, County Office Building and via Zoom.

Pending Requests for Information and Action

Jan 16, 2022. Council.  Request a review of the Brown County Regional Sewer District (BCRSD).

Jan 7, 2022. Assessor. Closed.  Music Center not obligated to pay “property taxes. ” On assessments,  (By law) Cyclical reassessment looks at properties every four years  (but can occur more frequently). Typically hotels/motels are valued on their income and expense statements.

    • The Music Center paid 54K in property taxes.  Is the Music Center required by law to pay property taxes?  Unlike a jail or a courthouse, a venue with the purpose of generating a profit and increasing tourism from out of county residents,  is not a “public good.”
    • Assessments in Nashville.  What are the options for how commercial properties in Nashville are assessed?   When I’ve looked at trends throughout the county, Nashville had the smallest amount of increases.   (Increases for residents are based on sales/market. Little turnover in commercial propoerties.)

Jan 6, 2022.  To Do: Commissioners — ABC Appointment?  No info – website.

Jan 5, 2022. Commissioners.  Request information – Brown County Music Center (BCMC) Finances. Note: Commissioner Biddle and Councilman Bryd are the elected officials that serve on the BCMC Board.

    • Does the Music Center show a profit last year and this year?  Is the mortgage payment factored into the calculation as to profit and loss?   What was the impact of the revenue from the county (239K) and the feds (2.737)  million regarding profit or loss?
    • Has the financial condition of the BCMC ever been independently audited?
    • When will the BCMC’s independently audited financial statement for 2021 be available?  Is the auditor Blue and Company?

 Dec 23, 2021. Request for Council.   Requested a documented position by Barnes and Thornburg attorneys regarding the councils’ review and approval of the CVC budget.

Dec 22, 2021. Request to Commissioners.  Requested copies of correspondence (including Petitions) between the RR and the County regarding the RR Crossing on Indian Hill Rd.

Dec 14, 2021. Closed Jan 1, 2021.  BCRSD. Requested copies of minutes that documented the discussion regarding the postcard notification to 600 residents that include a summary of water testing results.

Dec 11, 2021. Auditor. Request for information regarding receiving any money (crossing closure funds) from INDOT to help with closing the railroad crossing on Indian Hill Rd.

Dec 11, 2021. Auditor. Requested a copy of the new BCMC Admin Agreement once signed.

July 2021.  Commissioners and State.  Ongoing.  Requested a list of all the legal settlements (case/amount) made by the county over the past 10 years. Made a formal request to the State Public Access Counselor that resulted in “paper dump” that did not include the requested information.   Made repeated follow-up requests to the commissioners with no resolution.

    • Jan 05, 2022. Follow-Up – Commissioners.  Request information on the settlement with John Simpson. If the settlement was made, it was not listed as a county claim – it would have been provided by the insurer (GIE?).

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