Closure – Railroad Crossing – Indian Hill Rd

County  Agreements
    • April 9, 2020. Attachment Indiana Hill Rd Crossing Closure and Settlement Agreement (Note the county attorneys (Lauren Box, Jacob German from Barnes and Thornburg) are refenced in this document that was signed on “April 9, 2020”. )  This implies that “discussions” occurred several weeks or months prior to the decision by the commissioners to sign the resolution.)

July 6, 2021. Railroad closure blocks Tecumseh Trail; groups lobby for crossing, By – The Republic


Brown County Matters – Facebook Posts

June 29, 2021. Closed ahead: Tecumseh Trail users lobbying for pedestrian crossing at Indian Hill B 


Mar 25, 2021.  Statement – Commissioner Pittman

Clarification on the Indian Hill Railroad crossing closure. “The Indian Hill crossing closure was completely beyond the Commissioners ability to stop. I learned that had we not agreed with the Indiana Railroad to the closure they would have gone to INDOT and they could/would remove the entire road from our inventory and thereby any funding would be lost. This has taken place numerous times in the recent past as other crossings have been closed all over the State. I truly apologize to those affected by the closure. Certainly not trying to pass the “Buck” but if you’re angry please complain to the Railroad and your Indiana elected Representative and Senators.”
Jerry Lee Pittman, Commissioner
March 10, 2021. Tecumseh Trail race fans: There is an imminent threat to our Point-to-Point Tecumseh 50k & marathon, and for anyone who wants to run or hike the Tecumseh.


This spot is right at the halfway of the traditional Tecumseh Trail Marathon distance.



Feb 12, 2021. Access after heavy snow.


July 21, 2020. Kevin Fleming – Proposing an alternative route

June 28, 2020. Jennifer Ruff.  INDIAN HILL ROAD – Update (Sort of) Alright ya’ll – you’re making me feel like I own this place!! Nobody drives down my road anymore!! Get down here and enjoy this beautiful spot!! (Remember – you can only access it from the south side of Indian Hill and it’s narrow with lots of curves, so drive slow and careful.)

June 28, 2020. Tim J. Clark Minutes – May 6 Commissioner Meeting

June 23, 2020. Paul Nelson. A bit of light on a dark situation After getting into a rather heated discussion over the Indian Hill road closing, I have come to learn that that road will still be available for pedestrian traffic as the road easement is part of the Tecumseh trail.

June 16, 2020 – Jennifer Ruff – … Brown County, I’m super disappointed in you. The railroad crossing on Indian Hill Road is now closed. I’m glad you made a deal to get $35,000 from the state so you could put up these horrible road blocks.

June 11, 2020,   Jennifer Ruff  Need advice PLEASE!!!  I live in a location in Brown County that is pretty remote — except that it is only about thirty seconds off of 45. I have to drive over a strange slab bridge over a creek and up over a railroad crossing to get to 45.

Brown County Democrat (BCD).

May 6, 2020,  Minutes – Commissioner Meeting – RR Crossing Closure – Indiana Hill Rd



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