2022/23 ARPA Funded Projects – For the Record

American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA)
Updated Jan 20, 2022

Misc: ARPA-Funding –  Inspired Marketing?

    • Prosperity-thru-Equity-Final-Report-1020 – Rural America Thomas P. Miller and Associates. This group develoed the Brown County Economic Development Strategic Plan . The plan was approved for payment but not content. It met the minimum requirements for the state funded grant.
    • Results were determined from a non-statistically valid survey (page 2) – anecedotes and heresay.
    • Note also County Council Scott Rudd started his own company to support funding by the Feds for expanding broadband.
      • Local Scott Rudd is bringing his broadband knowledge back home to Brown County by starting his own consulting business. Rudd recently started his own business, Rudd Consulting LLC, and one of his first clients is Thomas P. Miller and Associates. Rudd will work with TPMA as a strategic advisor.  

    • Brown County 2019 – Econ Development Strategic Plan and Timeline

Dec 8, 2021. BCD. Objectives set for how first round of relief funding will be spent, commissioners to discuss requests this week by Suzannah Couch

    • Earlier this year it was announced that Brown County would receive nearly $3 million in relief funding from the American Rescue Plan Act to help with the local response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

      The amount the county is getting through the ARP is almost six times more than the $494,248 the county received in CARES Act funding last year. The ARPA money will be split into two payments. The county received its first payment this summer, totalling around $1.4 million.

    • Before administering any of the ARPA money, the Brown County Commissioners planned to set up objectives for how to distribute the money.

      At the Nov. 17 meeting, Commissioner Diana Biddle announced the objectives for the first round of funding would be to provide funding for projects that “develop and advance essential infrastructure improvements.”

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