Econ Development Strategic Plan – Timeline

Background: The county received a $40K grant to create an economic development strategic plan. Thomas P. Miller and associates were selected as the contractor.  The RDC will be conducting 8 community meetings in Sept and Oct to solicit input from the public.

In support of the meetings, the RDC will develop a presentation that will provide baseline information on the economic status of the county.

August 9, 2018, RDC Meeting.  We discussed the initial draft of the community presentation.  Jim Kemp, President of the RDC, doing a great job getting input from all the various government groups in collecting the data and the overall economic situation of the county.  We are working to have the final presentation done by the end of the month. The rough outline of the presentation below:

  • The Why – Community Vitality Indicators (CVI) identify a declining tax base
  • The Strategy – Planning Grant
  • The Facts –  Trends – Revenue, Debt, Taxes
  • Decisions that will have to be made – What do need, What do we want and What do we not want?
  • About our County – Townships, Population, Demographics, Housing …
  • About our Neighbors – Info on the surrounding counties
  • About Our Community – Government, Schools, Businesses, Non-Profits
  • Our Way Ahead? Document the input from the public. Our contractor reviews the economic data, assimilates the input provided by the citizens, identifies options that are then presented and discussed at public meetings.  The final plan has to be approved by the commissioners at a public meeting.

July 16, 2018, Initial Draft – Timeline

  • Develop a plan for public meetings – by August 31.
  • Conduct public meetings (8) in September/October.
  • Public meeting are also required during development of the plan. This provides citizens with feedback regarding how their input is being addressed.

July 13, 2018Economic Development Strategic Plan – Links to References.   Provides context on history, economics, current and past studies,

  • The Plan will represent the voice of the citizens, e.g., what people want and do not want. 


July 12, 2018. Brown County Democrat Facebook.

  • Tonight, the Brown County Redevelopment Commission discussed organizing a series of meetings to gather ideas on what Brown Countians need in order to help them continue living here. The commission is getting a grant to start forming an economic plan, and they decided that a “grassroots” approach is essential as the first step — asking residents what they want first, rather than asking community leaders first. No meeting dates have been set yet; they may be in September or October. More info to come as we receive it.
  • Democrat Facebook Comments
  • Brown County Matters – Facebook Comments

July 12, 2018.  RDC Meeting.

  • I volunteered to help support this project. With respect to full disclosure, I was a member of the RDC in 2016-2017.   I was involved with helping to put together the application and selecting the contractor – Thomas P. Miller and Associates.
  • Background
    • The grant administrator was selected in Feb/Mar of 2017.
    • We had to conduct a countywide income survey that began around May and ended in September 2017. The survey determined that we qualified for the federal grants through the Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA).
    • The application for the economic development strategic planning grant was ready in Dec/Jan but delayed due to the Van Buren issue.


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