Rankings – Election Integrity – All States

“Assessing the status of state election fairness and security.” 

Ranking of election laws each state

Indiana Ranks 14th with a score of 68 out of 100

“Election Integrity Scorecard,” compares the election laws and regulations of each state and the District of Columbia that affect the security and integrity of the process to the Foundation’s best-practices recommendations.

Heritage Unveils ‘Election Integrity Scorecard’ By Philip Wegmann – RCP Staff

    • Heritage assigned those grades out of a possible perfect score of 100 according to a dozen categories, each weighted differently, from implementation of voter ID requirements and maintenance of voter registration rolls to prohibition of private election funding to access for election observers.

      The colored cubes are just the front end of a year’s worth of research, and the think tank hopes users will click and expand to see where individual states excel and underachieve. Elected officials will no doubt soon hear about their scores from dedicated conservative activists. Election officials, however, should not be surprised by their grades.

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