Nashville – Tax Increment Financing (TIF)

The statute over Redevelopment Commissions and the use of Tax Increment Financing is found in IC 36 -7-14.

Nashville, Indiana – TIF-Economic-Development-Plans

  • “Based on the assumption that the Redevelopment Commission could receive $4,000,000 in increment over the life of the Tax Increment Financing area, the Commission could spend approximately $4,000,000 on infrastructure in or serving the area.” (pg 30)

Feb 23, 2021, BCD. Redevelopment commission taking TIF plans to board this week By Abigail Youmans

  • The Nashville Redevelopment Commission has put together an economic plan and declaratory resolution which will go to the Brown County Area Plan Commission this week for approval, then to the Nashville Town Council as early as March.
  • If the documents pass those two steps, they would go back to the redevelopment commission for a confirmatory resolution.

The Use of Tax Increment Finance by Indiana Local Governments, Larry DeBoer
Department of Agricultural Economics Purdue University

  • Indiana law now makes clear that TIF is intended to fund infrastructure to promote
    development that would not occur but for the added infrastructure financed by
    the TIF revenues. Evidence that the development would not happen
    but for the establishment of the TIF district must be presented before
    the TIF district is approved.

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