Former highway leader shares concerns about gravel roads

Apr 9, 2019, BCD, Staff Reports. Former highway leader shares concerns about gravel roads

Former highway superintendent Ron Fleetwood presented a slideshow on the condition of gravel roads in Van Buren Township at the Brown County Commissioners meeting March 20.

“You’d like to blame the condition on the road on wet weather,” he said. “It’s that way all summer. The same thing happens in the same place all the time.”

Fleetwood showed photos of Elkinsville and Blue Creek roads with potholes, culvert, ditch and berm issues.

“I understand it’s a gravel road. I hear people say they knew it was gravel when they moved there, but they have the right to expect to have a reasonably well maintained road,” he said.

He also showed a photo of a wooden bridge on Blue Creek Road that was covered in mud.

“If that bridge fails, there’s no way for emergency services or anybody to get there. That bridge definitely needs to be cleaned off,” he said.

Fleetwood said he has gone out to the gravel roads two days after they are graded and the potholes are back because they are not cut out by highway department crews and are filled with loose material only.

“If we had money upfront to pave all the roads, it would be cheaper to maintain them than gravel roads,” commissioner Jerry Pittman said. “Those left with gravel are more expensive to maintain and more expensive for people to drive on. Until we find $30 million to finish paving the roads, we’re stuck with taking care of the gravel roads.”

Pittman said he spoke with Brown County Highway Superintendent Mike Magner about getting gravel crowns back onto the roads in Van Buren Township. Magner, who sat through Fleetwood’s presentation, said he would work on that.

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