Joint Meetings – BC Regional Sewer District (RSD) Boards

Helmsburg RSD rates are the highest in the county at $92.50. Helmsburg needs more customers.

Bean Blossom has not had enough customers to support a plant of their own and had to expand their proposed service area to include Woodland Lake, Freeman Ridge and Little Fox Lake.  The proposed plan by the BCRSD Board for a $7.3 million wastewater treatment plant in Bean Blossom does not address county-wide needs to include a plan for Helmsburg.  Commissioner Jerry Pittman took the initiative to facilitate joint meetings of the RSDs to discuss needs and areas of concern.

  • HRSD – Helmsburg Regional Sewer District (HRSD) Board
  • BCRSD – Brown County Regional Sewer District (GRSD) Board
  • NRSD – Nashville Regional Sewer District Board
  • BC – Brown County

Apr 30, 2019 HRSD Board Meeting. 

April 9, 2019.  HRSD Proposed Options version 1  20190401 Presented by Bill Austin, at the BCRSD Board Meeting.

April 4, 2019.  “First” Joint Meeting of County RSDs. Joint Meeting – Brown County Areas Sewer Boards 2019_04_01

  • Nashville identified that “annexation”  would be used for areas such as Annadale, that want sewer service.  Note the annexation requirement was proposed by Nashville for providing service to Bean Blossom area residents. The Nashville proposal was rejected by the BCRSD Board at the time.

March 25,2019.  Helmsburg RSD Special Meeting 2019_03_25

  • Commissioner Pittman offered to facilitate a Joint Meeting of the RSDs – offer was accepted by the HRSD Board.

March 18, 2019 – HRSD Meeting Minutes.2019_03_18 HRSD Meeting Minutes



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