Road and Bridge Maintenance Information

Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) – Purdue University

LTAP is an established nationwide system of technology transfer (T2) centers, some of which are located in universities, with others in State highway agencies.  Each center develops a mix of technology transfer tools and information to effectively address the needs of the local highway community.

Asset Management Plans — Pavement, Bridge Priority, Pavement Inventory and Conditions, 5-year plan, cost analysis …

Assessment Procedures for Paved and Gravel Roads -LTEP Purdue,  Indiana Local Technical Assistance Program (LTEP), Purdue University School of Civil Engineering

Aug 15, 2019. BCD Bridge inspection report: More than $9 million in work needed to replace bridges over… by Suzannah Couch.  Brown County is looking at more than $9 million worth of bridge work needing to be done in the next nine years …

Examples: Capital Improvement Plans and Budgets

Road and Bridge Maintenance Information




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