County Comprehensive Financial Plan 2016 to 2021

March 18, 2019. Brown County IN Comprehensive Financial Plan 2016-2021

  • In addition to the plan, there needs to be some education and training for elected representatives and citizens to understand the basics of county finance.  A flowchart of the process would also be helpful.
    • Who will be maintaining and updating the data?
  • Projections assume no change in the tax base. The tax base is projected to decline.
  • The county is near the maximum rate allowed by state law on income tax and will have to rely on cutting expenses and/or raising property taxes.  Under state law, property taxes can increase every year and higher rates will create hardships.

Currently in-process — County Economic Development Strategic Plan.

WIP – County Financial Decision Support Model 

May 16, 2017.  IU/SPEA – Economic Assessment of Brown County.  Report: Local taxes, job options need further scrutiny,  By Sara Clifford/Brown County Democrat

Nov 1, 2018Town of Nashville 2016-2022 Financial Plan 2016-2022



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