Salt Creek Trail – For The Record

Meeting planned on Salt Creek Trail

At the beginning of this project, the County Commissioners reportedly expressed support for the Salt Creek Trail project that included the stipulation that eminent domain would not be used to acquire the land.  However, once the State got involved, the commissioners no longer have the power to prevent eminent domain.

Apr 9, 2019Trail project on the move: Bridges not here, but some work done on park phase.  Earth-movers have arrived at Brown County Schools’ Eagle Park to prepare to build another segment of the Salt Creek Trail.

  • Since 2013, planned expansions of the trail to connect downtown Nashville with Brown County State Park have been on hold while the Indiana Department of Transportation worked to secure easements from property owners in the path.
  • The necessary agreements have now been made with owners in the section that will run from the state park to Parkview Road, in the area of the former RedBarn Jamboree and Hesitation Point bicycle shop.

Mar 5, 2019.  BCD, … SCHOOL NEWS: ,,,  land sale for Salt Creek Trail approved

  • On Feb. 7, the Brown County Schools Board of Trustees approved the sale of real estate interests at Eagle Park to the Indiana Department of Transportation so that a bridge can be built for the Salt Creek Trail.
  •  The board voted to accept $161,000 for all real estate interests that INDOT needed for bridge construction, including land and easements.  INDOT had originally offered the school district $13,700 for easements and right-of-way on a little less than 3 acres on the northwest corner of Eagle Park spanning over to the Parkview area.

Oct 23-Nov 2018 Brown County Matters – Facebook Posts on the Topic

Oct 25, 2018. BCD Facebook Posts – Partial Salt Creek Trail Access

Recently, a landowner who was originally offered $7,500 for .259 acres by the State, settled for $175, 920.52.  The money for land acquisitions is provided by federal and state taxpayers via “grants.”  Commissioner Biddle’s decision to accept “free” and massive Highway Bridges for use as a pedestrian trail contributed to the high acquisition costs of the affected properties.

Salt Creek Trail – History

Oct 23, 2018Partial Salt Creek Trail access acquired for $481K By Sara Sara Clifford, BCD

  • Olivers. The Olivers agreed to a sum of $175,920.52, with $35,793.02 of that for land and improvements and $139,127.50 for damages. They signed a warranty deed, which makes INDOT the new owner of 0.259 acres of their property.
  • RedBarn Jamboree.  Watson, owner of the RedBarn Jamboree property along State Road 46 East near Parkview Road, received $2,950 for a temporary easement across 0.143 acres of her land. …. She also received $297,050 for a perpetual easement, with $158,025 for the value of the land and $139,025 for “damages,” according to documents filed with the recorder’s office. That was for a total of 0.461 acres.
  • Brown County Democrat – Facebook Post and Comments

Oct 19, 2018Salt Creek Trail negotiations continue By Sara Clifford –The Indiana Department of Transportation has offered Brown County Schools $13,700 for an easement that would allow the placement of two bridges on either end of Eagle Park as part of the Salt Creek Trail.


  1. People like the trail — even those who spoke against the process to build it. They use the three-quarter-mile, paved section between the Brown County YMCA and the Nashville CVS, and they’d like to see more of it.
  2. People want opportunities to be involved in decisions that are made about the trail.
Oct 24, 2017. Meeting planned on Salt Creek Trail On Oct. 4, multiple key players in the development of the Salt Creek Trail will get together to discuss trail and bridge placement.

The Brown County Commissioners, Nashville Town Manager Scott Rudd, Brown County Parks and Recreation Director Mark Shields, the Brown County Schools Board of Trustees, Superintendent Laura Hammack, the engineering firm of Butler, Fairman & Seufert, and Gary and Sheila Oliver have been invited to attend a meeting at 6 p.m. in the Goldberg Room at Brown County High School. … The route of the Salt Creek Trail has been discussed since the early 2000s.

Oct 24, 2017.   Letter: Trail debate: ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ To the editor: Recent meetings I’ve attended on the Salt Creek Trail have left me confused, bewildered and definitely frustrated. A project which has been discussed…
  • Note: The Olivers stated that were not notified that their property was needed for the Salt Creek Trail. Further, they were not contacted regarding the placement and size of the Highway Bridge. The State concluded the Bridge damaged their property values – thus the higher settlement amount.   

No solution yet on Salt Creek Trail Suzannah Couch – Progress on the Salt Creek Trail is at a standstill, as key players plan another community meeting about its future.  On Oct. 4, the Goldberg Room at Brown County High School was filled with concerned taxpayers, school staff, government officials and trail committee members to discuss the phase of the trail that will go through Brown County Schools’ Eagle Park.The trail, a project in the making for more than 10 years, is planned to connect the state park and downtown Nashville. Between the state park and the existing trailhead at the Brown County YMCA are Eagle Park and several pieces of private property.

Sep 20, 2017. Channel 13, WTHR Brown County couple fights eminent domain.    Let’s say you bought a 2.5-acre property in Brown County and restored the home only to find out the state and the county are exploring the use of eminent domain to take part of it. You wouldn’t be happy …  Gary and Sheila Oliver have decided to fight it.

The Olivers story was picked up by the Associated Press and shared throughout the county:  

  • Sep 18, 2017. The Seattle Times  Indiana man, wife fight land seizure for bridge, trail The state Transportation Department offered the couple $7,800 for their land three months ago. The Olivers said they aren’t interested in selling and are fighting the proposed use of eminent domain to acquire their land.
Aug 3, 2017.  Public trail, private land: Owners question rights Gary and Sheila Oliver sculpted a private retreat out of a property that used to be the party place.
  • They weren’t even sure where it might go until about a month ago, when the stakes appeared in the lawn.
  • Planning for the Salt Creek Trail began in 2002 with a committee of volunteers, a mix of public officials and private individuals.

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