Indiana Property Tax – Facts and Impacts

March 2013  Annual Adjustment of Assessed Values
FACT SHEET  AnnualAdjustmentsFactSheet

Nov 2, 2010. Indianapolis Business Journal IBJ – Indiana voters OK property tax cap amendment.   Indiana voters have approved a constitutional amendment that will make property tax limits more permanent. The caps limit property tax bills to 1 percent of homes’ assessed values, with 2-percent caps on farmland and rental property and 3-percent limits on business property.

Assessments do not factor in inflation. If incomes are not keeping pace with inflation, more frequent assessments can lead to increases in property taxes.  These additional taxes are added to the additional payments to cover the taxes that are added by the county council and townships along with payments on the county’s debts.  Brown County has the third highest debt per capita in the State.

May 16, 2017. Report: Local taxes, job options need further scrutiny, By Sara Clifford, /Brown County Democrat.

  • The data confirmed what many Brown County officials and residents had already known. Brown County’s population is aging and shrinking.
  • Fewer people results in a higher tax burden to support government services, unless the government is able to reduce its expenses.

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