County Debt Levels

The “Debt Comparison Report”  as of Dec 31, 2016, provided by the State identifies that Brown County has the 3rd highest total debt per capita in the State.

Since separate legal entities (building corporations) were created to manage the Jail and now Maple Leaf, curious to know if the debt for these facilities figures into the total debt per capita calculation.

The contract for the Maple Leaf land purchase was in 2017. The contract for the Maple Leaf bank loan signed in 2018.


See also:

  • GUEST COLUMN: A study of tourism and economic sustainability By TIM CLARK, guest columnist Economic impact studies of tourism in Indiana and Brown County reinforce the benefits of sustaining a tourism industry. However, tourism, by itself, has not and cannot provide a sustainable economic future for Brown County.
  • Per capita defined: equally to each individual; per unit of population; by or for each person   

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