Public Hearing – Read Aheads – Sewer Expansion

Public Hearing – July 8, 2023. 10am to noon, Brown County Fairgrounds. (More details to be proved in the Brown County Democrat. Public Hearing – Outline of the Process

This sewer expansion is just the “FIRST PHASE” of the plan developed by “appointed” officials of the Brown County Regional Sewer District (BCRSD) Board “without anypublic input. The overall plan affects all taxpayers as well as those with existing functional septic systems.

Questions?   Citizens can provide questions in advance, can ask questions at the hearing, or submit their questions in writing on the day of the hearing.  Responses are to be provided within 5 days of the Hearing.  Questions and responses become part of the record and can serve as the basis for any requests to state and federal officials for further review.

Learning More – Homework – Video Presentations, Strategic Plan, and Watershed Study (Appendix B)

Application for Funding- PERs

    • BCRSD – PER – Phase 1
    • Helmsburg RSD – PER – repair existing plan; PER 2  Support Phase I
    • Phase I – Two Corridors
      • Western Corridor – Helmsburg to Lake Lemon – valid need and justification for funding.
      • Eastern Corridor – Helmsburg, Bean Blossom, Woodland Lake – need based on assumptions, and overstating an effect on the watershed.

Validating estimates and assumptions. The counter to anecdotal evidence as a basis for supporting decisions is the application of the scientific methodThis method includes identifying operational definitions of key terms (such as failing and inadequate systems, useful life), followed by data collection and statistical sampling plans, inspections, data analysis, and conclusions.   Findings from a statistically valid sample can then be applied to the larger population.

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