RR Crossing – Information

Updated May 6, 2023  

Background Information

INDOT – Crossing Closure Guidelines

Inventory Reports

Interactive Maps

Interactive map for locating RR crossings in INDIANA and producing FRA/DOT ID numbers.

Federal Railroad Administration -5.02 – Generate Crossing Inventory and Accident Reports


    • On the linked page you will find the following:
Generate Report produces downloadable pdf. — Need Crossing Number
    • Example 1: From the 1st link above, the crossing in Trevlac, Brown County, Indiana at Indian Hill Road is designated as DOT# 292193F. On the  2nd linked page you will find the following:
    • Example 2:   Using 1st link, the Federal Crossing ID (USDOT) of RR crossing where SR-45 crosses tracks to the west of Indian Hill Road is #292 192Y. Entering 292192Y (no space) in second link box generates report for that crossing (attached).

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