Commissioner Meeting Notes: Wed, March 15, 2023

Updated Mar 16, 2023

Commissioner Meeting Notes, Wed Mar 15, 2023. 6:00 p.m.  Audio of the meeting (25 minutes).

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Courthouse Additions – Sally Port and Security Entra.m.nce.  The commissioner’s financial advisor from Baker -Tilley identified the additional funds needed (550K) to support these projects. The county previously budgeted 500K.  More details on the source of funds will be presented at next week’s County Council Meeting on Monday, March 20,  6:30 p.m., Salmon Room, County Office Building, 201 Locust Lane.

Indian Hill Railroad Crossing.  Matt Pierce, Indiana House of Representatives, reinforced his statement and correspondence provided last year that legislators would provide the support – needed (including legislation), to re-open the crossing to pedestrian traffic.  This provides access to the Tecumseh Trail. He stated that any claims as to 140K or more in costs for signage/signals were overstated. Commissioners directed the county legal council to contact Representative Pierce to discuss options.

    • History on the “closing.” Part 1: Closure – Railroad Crossing – Indian Hill Rd
    • Commissioners have acknowledged that they made a mistake, were not aware that the closing would impact access to the Tecumseh Trail, and that a public hearing should have been conducted. There is no history of accidents at the crossing.
    • Commissioners have expressed no interest in re-opening the crossing to include vehicle traffic. This option may require legal action by citizens. Commissioner Pittman acknowledged (in the presence of legal counsel), that a public hearing was required, so the scope and cost of any legal action by citizens, may be feasible through crowd-funding efforts. If the decision was illegal and ruled as such, I assume the commissioners would have to have a new public hearing to keep the crossing closed. Legal action, if this includes depositions,  may lead to the source of the motivation for the closing of the crossing.

Audio – Remarks by Matt Pierce begin at 16:00

Peaceful Valley Heritage.  Vivian Wolf of the PVH asked for commissioner support the posting of signs with QR Codes to promote our history.  Signs would include locations at the overlooks and covered bridge to promote our history supported with self-guided driving tours.

Highway Department – Road Paving Plan – 2026.  Commissioners to post on the county website.  The plan was first presented last October and has recently been updated.

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