BCRSD Meeting April 26, 2022

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Brown County Regional Sewer District (BCRSD) Board Meeting April 26, 2022. 6:00 pm.

o. Motivation. The priority for the BCRSD has been Bean Blossom with the aim to support development – a want. The “need” for expanded service in the Bean Blossom expanded area is based on speculation as to the age of systems and lack of records. There is no documented evidence of failing systems that justify the estimated $30 million dollar investment by taxpayers.  Residents within 300 feet of a line can be forced to hook up and pay the monthly fee.  The BCRSD has stated they need 190 easements from landowners.  Note the BCRSD was not able to acquire land to support a plant in Bean Blossom.

    • The desire to expand sewer service was initiated by Commissioner Biddle’s family  (over 15 years ago) and Commissioner Biddle and other special interests continue to support Bean Blossom as a priority.

o. County Wastewater Strategic Plan to include “Water Study.”   Board expected to approve the draft at their May 10, 2022 meeting.  A webinar to explain the plan at several sites is tentatively scheduled for May 26, 2022.  The documents are expected to be posted to their website as well.

    • The plan was funded with a grant from ROI.  Total amount was $118,000. The county contribution was 13,800.
    • The plan introduces the concept of “cluster systems” that could be shared by several homes as opposed to a central plant.

o. Lake Lemon Environmental Cooperative (501c3). Russ Herndon represented the co-op. He reinforced that the Lake Lemon area does have evidence of failing systems, support by residences, and a larger number of homes (over double) than Bean Blossom

o. Water Quality. I expect that water samples will identify human-caused e-coli possibly due to failing septic systems. The number of systems that may be contributing to the problem will be unknown at this time.  Forcing as many residents on sewers WILL NOT SOLVE the e-coli problem in our creeks.  This is a statewide issue –  more info at BCM – Facebook Post on the topic

    • The “speculation” by the Brown County Regional Sewer District (BCRSD) and other proponents of Development through the expansion of sewers, has been on the allegations that we have a large number of failed septic systems in the Bean Blossom area that may be adding to the E-Coli level in our streams. The motive is to help justify a $30 million dollar expansion of sewers using federal and state taxpayer money. No other options to address the possibility of a large number of “failing systems” have been identified.

      In a recent report, “the major cause” of E-coli IS NOT due to the possibility of failed septic system – it’s agricultural runoff from industries that are in compliance with federal and state laws and regulations. “IDEM said combined sewer overflows, untreated stormwater and wastewater that discharges to nearby streams, rivers and other water bodies were the largest sources of E. coli bacteria, one of the impairments cited to the EPA.”

Mar 24, 2022. Report: Nearly Three Quarters of Indiana’s Waterways are Too Polluted for Safe Recreation

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