Brown County Wastewater Infrastructure Strategic Planning Study

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Feb 24, 2021. BCRSD and HRSD – Joint Meetings.   All options on table: regional sewer plan being discussed. By Suzannah Couch

Sep 17, 2020. BCD, GUEST OPINION: Sources of E. coli contamination being studied by Clint Studabaler

Sep 16, 2020.  BCD. Water sampling to take place in area creeks Friday By Staff Reports

Aug 13, 2020. GUEST OPINION: Water quality sampling efforts underway by  Maggie Sullivan


In December 2019, the Brown County Regional Sewer District received a $118, 000 grant to fund the development of a  Wastewater Infrastructure Strategic Plan.

In January 2020, the BCRSD issued a Request for Proposals (RFPs) that will be used to select the contractor for this plan.

Dec 20, 2019.   ROI awards $1.86 million in Ready Communities implementation grants

  • Award to Brown County Regional Sewer District for a wastewater strategic management plan. – This grant will fund an engineering evaluation of existing septic treatment systems and study the technical and economic feasibility of regional wastewater collection and treatment options in Brown County.

April 2019. BCRSD April 2019 ROI Grant Application _ Studabaker Clint


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