Solar Co-Op

BROWN COUNTY – Solar Community Share

Purpose: As a part of Earth Rising we are working together to make Solar Energy available to as many Brown County homes and businesses as possible.

Method: Solar PV prices are coming down but for many it is still considered too expensive for budgets. Through the Solar Community Share Solar Program we are attempting to buy panels in bulk to make them as inexpensive as possible. In addition we want to build a model of working in teams for the installation. This brings the cost down tremendously.

What is Team Installation?

We believe that those people who care about the environment and want solar panels would be willing to offer whatever skills they have to place an array on their home as well as on the homes of the other team members. So what skills are needed. Obviously there are electrical connections so some electrical knowledge is helpful. Some climbing skills and just ability to measure and install rails that the panels fit on.

Do not let this discourage you if you do not have these skills, others may and you can be a helper. If a team does not feel comfortable with certain aspects of the job like electrical and climbing we will augment your team with people that have those talents. We are also considering developing skills in several people who could treat this as a job. Our contention is that it offers work to local talent and we would negotiate reasonable costs for that service.


This plan can work because this is Brown County. We Brown Countians help each other. There is no nobler goal than to help us tread lightly on our earth than to switch from fossil fuel to sun power for our energy. It will help us feel like we are making a difference and we are thinking about how we can be helping our kids, grandkids and their grandkids.

We hope to get this plan implemented this spring. We are in the organizing phase and will be asking people to tell us of their willingness and interest.


Solar Community Share Program

Participation Questionnaire

Preliminary Form

There are many ways to get involved in the Solarize Brown County Community Share Program. The following areas are ones to consider at this time:

I Want to have a solar array connected to my electrical service Yes No

Willing to participate on a team Yes No

If yes I have the following interests or skills (check the areas that apply to you as well as circling your level of skill):

___ Helper

____ Electrical skill Basic Moderate Advanced

____ Willing to do some climbing Basic Advanced

Financial Support

For those people that do not feel their home is or is not conducive to Solar power but feel that the need is important you can help by investing or donating into the program. We need some start up money to buy the necessary equipment to due the jobs that are being requested.

More information on this aspect of the program will be made upon request and I hope we get lots of requests.



Phone No.

Email address


Return this form to William Todd email:

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