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Brown County Community Foundation (BCCF)

Dec 30, 2021 GUEST OPINION: Foundation plans nonprofit resource center  By Sean Hildreth – marketing, communications and outreach officer for the Brown County Community Foundation Inc.

Additional Background Info – Maddison Miller, CEO

    • In order to learn about capacity building best practices we researched existing programs that other community foundations deploy, collecting and comparing best practices and lessons learned. 
    • We surveyed 66 Brown County board members/volunteers to gauge their level of interest in eight potential training topics, their preferred method of delivery, preferred timing for training, etc. 
    • The community’s first opportunity to take advantage of this new program will be a two day class led by the Lilly School of Philanthropy, Fundraising for Small Nonprofits. BCCF is paying for this out of our unrestricted funds, so it will be free for local nonprofits to participate. 
    • Other topics high on the learning list are Volunteer/Board Development, Grant Writing, and Strategic Planning. But we have not yet contracted those out. 
    • Another prioritized topic that we’ve decided to tackle in-house is “nonprofit networking”, so we’ll be scheduling four in-person receptions in 2022 where various organizations can mingle, share ideas/resources, etc. Unfortunately, we had to move our first reception to Zoom due to COVID, but we have 68 RSVPs as of today. At this event we’ll announce specific dates for upcoming learning opportunities and allow participants to provide feedback. 

2021. READI Grant – BCCF Coordination

    • BCM Facebook – Post of the Post.  Community Development. I had the opportunity to attend a 2.5 day Community Development course that was created by Ball State and sponsored by the Community Foundation. The information presented has the “potential” of resulting in a more effective and inclusive community where citizen input and participation is encouraged, respected, and valued. Link to the course description and materials below. At the conclusion of the course today, several project ideas were identified and future meetings will be used to work through the process. I do plan on posting updates.

2016 BCCF – Brown County Community Partnership – Phased out around 2016.  Could not be sustained.

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