Riverfront District – For the Record

NASHVILLEUpdated: Feb 23, 2023

The Indiana state legislature enacted I.C. 7.1-3-20 et. seq. (Act) to allow communities to increase the number of liquor licenses in support of development. The Act allows the Alcohol Tobacco Commission (ATC) to grant an unlimited number of licenses within the district, subject to limitations set by the locality.

Dec 31, 2019TOWN NEWS: Liquor licenses requested for downtown restaurants. Liquor licenses requested for downtown restaurants Brown Bike restaurant and The Nashville House have received preliminary approval to have liquor licenses for the next year…

The Nashville Redevelopment Commission started the riverfront district program in 2013 to help local restaurants obtain liquor licenses that otherwise would not have been available due to Nashville’s small population. They cannot be used for businesses that are mainly bars, however; they are intended to help boost food sales, and restaurants that receive them are supposed to have at least 51 of their income coming from food.

Apr 28, 2018. Riverfront district expanding to include Firecracker Hill By  Sara Clifford

The 4 1/2-year-old Nashville Riverfront District is expanding to include part of a 300-plus-acre area near Greasy Creek.  Firecracker Hill — home of the new Hard Truth Hills development — was accepted into the riverfront district last week with a unanimous vote by the Nashville Town Council. The Nashville Redevelopment Commission also voted unanimously for the expansion April 3.

Nashville does not have any body of water that one would traditionally think of as a river, but for the purpose of creating a riverfront district, Salt Creek is the body it has been using. The state does not define “river” in regards to riverfront districts …

The primary function of the riverfront district is to allow more restaurants to have three-way liquor licenses than are granted by the state based on a community’s population. Three-way licenses allow the serving of beer, wine and liquor.

When the Nashville Riverfront District was formed in 2013, the town council set the number of riverfront liquor licenses at five, then increased the total to 10 earlier this year to meet expected demand.

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