Southern Indiana World-Wide Freedom Rally Nov. 20, 2021

Rally 2a dont tread

VIDEO:  Southern Indiana World-Wide Freedom Rally Nov. 20, 2021.  Video promoting the Brown County rally along with a video of likely the largest, first, grass-roots, peaceful, worldwide rally promoting human rights. The rallys were held in 100 cities in 40 countries.

Brown County Freedom Rally

Rally Organizers:   Brown County Indiana 2nd Amendment Freedom Fighters (Facebook –  Private Group)

Dont Tread on Indiana. Don’t Tread On Indiana is the advocacy arm of the Brown County Indiana Second Amendment Freedom Fighters, a grassroots coalition of like-minded Hoosiers, first organized on February 2, 2020, working together to help preserve and protect our great American values, customs and traditions. We are men and women from the great state of Indiana who revere God above the State, who firmly honor and support the US Constitution as the law of the land. To us the Bill of Rights is sacrosanct, and any attempts to infringe upon it are fundamentally unlawful, therefore unacceptable, and must be rebuked and defeated.

Don’t Tread On Indiana was formed to advocate for the legacy of the Founders, and to combat the encroachment of governmental overreach, socialistic propaganda and cultural subjugation — wherever we find it.

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