2022 County Elections – Non Partisan Platform – WIP

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Vision: Focus on the needs of ALL residents and not just the special interests. 

Purpose:  Identify criteria for selecting and electing candidates  in the 2022 County Elections. 

  1. Publish a Five-Year Plan for Roads and Bridges:
  2. Publish a Five -Year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) for County Infrastructure – Buildings and Grounds.  Identifies priorities for funding which helps prevent frivolous spending.
  3. Financial Plan. Update the County Comprehensive Financial Plan at least semi-annually. (The value is following the trends on spending and revenue. Out of control spending leads to tax increases. Compare actual to planned)
  4. Transparency:
    1. Publish Agendas, Minutes, Recordings, from all government meetings  on the county website. 
    2. Publish the mission and functions of all offices and departments. Include the references to the state code that establishes the legal requirements for the respective office.
    3. As part of the budget process, each office should include their list of accomplishments from the previous budget year.
    4. Allow citizens  to speak / ask questions PRIOR to a vote or decision being made. Voters expect elected officials to represent them – not their own personal agendas or pet projects.
  5. Septic Ordinance.  Support a revision that supports compliance with the state code and eliminates all county unique requirements that cannot be justified. 
  6. Application of better methods for assessing the extent and scope of problems, recognizing opportunities and selecting the best solutions. Ref: Br own County Leader Network
  7. Voluntary Term Limits.   Would two 4-year  terms be sufficient to build on lessons learned from previous office holders, make a positive difference, and add to the lessons learned that can be shared with the new office holders?  
  8. Establish a Citizen Advisory Group (CAG).  This would consist of individuals that would solicit input (criticisms and suggestions)  from citizens that want to remain anonymous.  Challenging the status quo in Brown County does involve risk.  

Additional information:

2020 County Elections – Platform of candidates from the Democrat Party.

The stated policy of the local Republican Party is to “not” have a county platform. They believe the state and national platform is sufficient.

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