Allowing ATVs, OTVs, UTVs on County Roads- For the Record

Definitions at Wikipedia: ATVAll Terrain Vehicle; UTVUtility Task Vehicle (Side-by-Side), OTVOff-Road Vehicle. Vendors include (ATC, OTV) : Polaris, Honda, Cam-Am, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki.  UTVs would also include John Deere and Kubota. 

Process to Approve. – The Hoops

  • Commissioners referred this proposal to DNR, County Attorneys and Safety Officials (Emergency Mgmt, Sheriff’s Office) to their review and input.
  • Any concern, changes, issues, etc. will then need to be addressed. 
  • If it gets to the point that an ordinance is considered appropriate, then there will be at least three public meetings to gather citizen input which may lead to more changes or refinements. The three required public meetings include the First Reading. Public Hearing, and Second Reading.  
  • I would not be too surprised to see a counter petition.
March 2021. PROPOSAL: Petition at – Allow ATV and UTV use on public roads in Brown County Indiana”

Current Events and Status

May 5, 2021.  BCD. County commissioners researching off-road vehicle ordinance by Suzannah Couch

April 21, 2020. Commissioner Meeting. Commissioners are forwarding the proposed ordinance to the county’s attorney for review, DNR, and public safety officials that would include the  Highway superintendant, Emergency Management, and the Sheriffs Office.  No indication that the petition was/is limited to Brown County eresidents

April 20, 2021. Brown County Democrat.  Should off-road vehicles be allowed on county roads? Sara Clifford – One Saturday afternoon, Paul Hazelwood was driving down the road on his Polaris when he saw an officer behind him. He didn’t think the officer was signaling for him to pull over. … It’s not legal for just anybody to drive an ATV, UTV or other off-road vehicle on roads in Brown County, Hazelwood learned that day.







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