Election Processes and Capability – Quality Perspective

Apr 2021.  ASQ – Advancing a Quality Management System for US Elections

  • ASQ advocates for the adoption of an electoral quality management system (QMS) based on ISO/TS 54001:2019 and ISO 9001:2015 in U.S. election jurisdictions.
  • Understanding and controlling the interrelationships and interdependences among election processes as a system increases effectiveness and eventuates improvement, thereby enabling election authorities to enhance trust and confidence in U.S.
  • As an organization of quality experts, leading improvement is at the core of the ASQ
    mission. ASQ advocates for, and is qualified to lead, the development and adoption of an
    electoral QMS to support U.S. electoral jurisdictions.

Mar 28, 2021. Assuring Elections Quality – A White Paper,  By Thomas Pyzdek and Joseph A. DeFeo

  • Thomas Pyzdek: My friend and colleague Joe DeFeo were so concerned with the loss of confidence in recent USA elections that we co-authored a paper describing how the quality profession might help. The paper, entitled “Assuring Elections Quality – a White Paper”, can be viewed at the link. Dr. DeFeo is recognised worldwide as an authority on quality improvement and is Chairman and Executive Adviser at Juran. Please feel free to add your suggestions in the comments.
  • PDF Version –assuring-elections-quality-a-whitepaper
  • Post and comments at LinkedIn.
    • My comment: A good idea for states to consider benchmarking their standards, assessing current processes, and making needed improvements. Could also be a value-added role and an opportunity for ASQ sections and members to support any needed improvements in their communities.
    • I’m confident with the election processes in my county. Our goal is to support the application of the quality principles, methods, and tools that will lead to better decisions, policies, and ordinances. See Brown County Indiana Leader Network at: https://successthroughquality.com/

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