Septic System Info

EPA – Septic Smart. Encouraging homeowners, wastewater professionals, and state,  tribal, and local officials to design and maintain effective systems to protect public health, preserve valuable water resources, and sustain economic vitality in their communities.

ISDH – Onsite Sewage Systems Program

Indiana County Health Department Contacts and Phone Numbers

Brown County:

Other Counties

Jennings County – Septic Regulations & Permits

Jackson Septic Info (no mention of a septic ordinance – Online Info and links to state code. Tel: (812) 522-6474

Shelby County.  No info on an ordinance. (317) 392-6470

  • Septic: We issue permits for all residential and commercial sewage disposal systems that are not connected to a regulated sewage facility. All repairs and new construction must be inspected and signed off by our inspectors. We investigate all sewage complaints. Our records extend back to 1955. Septic permits are $25. Septic installer registration fee $20.

DaviessSeptic System Information

Morgan – Septic Division

Counties similar in size to Brown


  • Septic Ordinance 2001 … On Insurance – The application shall be
    accompanied by a certificate of liability issued by a company
    registered in Indiana. The liability policy shall be sufficient to
    compensate the property owner in the event of insufficient or faulty
    work performed by the contractor.


Perry – Septic System – No Ordinance listed. Online Info provided: Phone: 812-547-2746 X 2


  • Septic System Maintenance Procedures (Homeowners Septic System Guide
  • The Pike County Health Department environmental health division handles:
    • inspection and permitting of food establishments
    • inspection and permitting of onsite sewage disposal (septic) systems
    • inspecting public or semi-public swimming pools
    • inspecting and permitting tattoo/piercing/permanent make-up establishments
Howald, Amanda Environmental Health Specialist Health Department 812-354-8797

Switzerland .  Purchasing A New Dwelling? posted on 2017-09-13 by Donna Faber.  If you are planning to purchase an existing home outside city limits, be sure to call the Health Dept to make sure the septic is up to code first! 812-427-3220






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