Helmsburg RSD and Lake Lemon Environmental Cooperative


Nov 25, 2020. Sewer district board wants to work together. Bean Blossom, Helmsburg, Lake Lemon could end up with sewer service. by Suzannah Couch.

Sep 15, 2020. BCD, Lake Lemon homeowners seek help from sewer district By 

  • Resident Tim Clark also attended the virtual meeting on Sept. 8. He asked the regional sewer board if they had a percentage of people who supported bringing a sewer system to the Bean Blossom area, like members had suggested to the Lake Lemon cooperative.
  • “The letters of interest for the Bean Blossom project were from 1998. Has there been any effort to update those to see what current residents think?” he asked.
  • Project engineer Gary Ladd said the letters had not been updated.

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