County Elections – Issues, Platforms, Racism, LoWV

Originally posted Aug 2020. Updated Aug 16, 2022.

For the 2020 election,  the Democrat candidates for Commissioner and Council developed their platform (positions). Republican candidates did not. As of Aug 8, 2022, no platforms developed for the 2022 elections.

Aug 10, 2022League supports creation of Human Rights Commission submitted by LWVBC Board of Directors (submitted by Cathy Rountree.

 Aug 3, 2022. League urges legislators to support reproductive health, League of Women Voters Brown County Board of Directors (Submitted by Shari Frank, president)

    • Banning reproductive rights strips people of their bodily autonomy, their constitutional guarantee of equal protection under the law and the right to privacy. Women and pregnant people will no longer be equal in our democracy if decisions about their reproductive health are put under the control of the state.

County? related issues? 

Dec 22, 2021, League asks senator to support climate change bill

To the editor:

On behalf of the League of Women Voters Brown County, I am writing to ask that Sen. Eric Koch support Sen. Ron Alting’s climate resolution and climate task force bill. The resolution acknowledges that climate change is a problem that needs to be addressed. The bill creates a bipartisan task force to develop a plan for Indiana to address climate mitigation, adaptation and economic development.

The League believes that averting the damaging effects of climate change requires action from both individuals and governments at the local, state, national and international levels. With effective climate solutions, we can help put our state, our country — and our planet — on the path to a sustainable future.

Controlling carbon pollution and developing clean, renewable energy will strengthen our economy by creating valuable employment opportunities, reducing threats to our health and protecting the natural resources that we depend upon for survival.

We also want to recognize the work of the West Lafayette students and the statewide work of the organization Confront the Climate Crisis. We support their leadership efforts in working to create systemic solutions to confront climate change. Their September press release reports that over 17,000 signatures were obtained to support Sen. Alting’s legislation on climate solutions:

We are asking Sen. Koch to consider joining as a co-author to show his support for climate resolution along with Sens. Susan Glick, Mike Bohacek and John Ford. Sen. Koch has worked in the past for legislation to protect forests. We hope he will join this important planning effort for our future.

For more information on the proposed climate resolution see the Confront the Climate Crisis website:

To write your own letter requesting support to address climate change, email Sen. Koch and his legislative assistant at and


Shari Frank, president, LWV Brown County

Mar 9, 2021.  Letter: ‘Distasteful’ and ‘abusive’ GOP posts need to stop By Maddison Miller

    • Local GOP post on Facebook. Summary from an article posted on the Brown County Republican Facebook page and response by Mark Bowman – Party Chairman.

Mar 9, 2021. Letter: House bill would help expand voting access, Judith East, board member, League of Women Voters of Brown County …. H.R.1, the “For the People Act.” The updates in this bill are designed to enable as many Americans as possible to participate in our democratic system of government. They eliminate barriers to registering to vote and getting to the polls, among other fair practices.

Nov 24, 2020.  BCD. Letter: 2020 was the most secure election ever by Shari Frank, Brown County  League of Women Voters

Sep 23, 2020.  BCD. ELECTION: County council at large Q-and-A By

Sep 21, 2020. Candidate Forum  – Sponsored by the Brown County League of Women Voters.

  • We believe in the dignity of and civil and human rights of all people. We call for the end to racism in all forms. We call for a review of all county laws, directives and initiatives of all kinds by any agency or segment of county government to determine if any such laws, directives or initiatives have or could result in racism or inequality in any form. We call for the expeditious remediation of any such instances so found.
    • The statement: “We call for the end to racism in all forms.”  By what method?  

This position is supported by the Brown County League of Women Voters (LoWV).

    • Resolution_For_Racial_Justice Resolution for Black People and All People of Color.  By majority vote on Saturday, Aug 1, 2020, the board of the Brown County League of Women Voters voted to support the National League of Women Voters’ Resolution for “Racial Justice for Black People and All People of Color.”   Includes the following:
      • This resolution addresses racial injustices experienced by Black People, Indigenous People, and all People of Color (BIPOC) in our country. Racism is at the core of the national upheaval following George Floyd’s death on May 25, 2021  therefore it is fitting that League of Women Voters members consider how to address racial justice while carrying out the public policies of LWV.
      • Whereas, the League acknowledges painfully that America is a nation founded on racism. We must end white privilege and the myth of white supremacy if we are to become the nation we pledge to be; 
    • Resolves #136 and #139 met the Leagues criteria for inclusion:
      • Motion #136 – We Resolve First, That the League advocates against systemic racism in the justice system and, at a minimum, for preventing excessive force and brutality by law enforcement. We also call for prompt actions by all League members to advocate within every level of government to eradicate systemic racism, and the harm that it causes;  (1) and,
      • Motion #139 – We Resolve Second, That the League help our elected officials and all Americans recognize these truths to be self-evident; that Black, Indigenous and all people of color (BIPOC)viii deserve equal protection under the law; and that we demand solutions for the terrible wrongs done, so that regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, disability, and gender identity or sexual orientation we may truly become a nation “indivisible, with liberty and justice for all” 

Far Left vs Liberals

Inside an Elite Cancel Culture Session, Where Leftists Met the Enemy and It Was … One of Them By Richard Bernstein, RealClearInvestigations, September 08, 2020

    • But the Romano incident also highlighted another, perhaps more far-reaching, aspect of the ongoing culture wars, namely how the “woke” left seems to be devouring old school liberals. While liberals and conservatives still battle on the largest political stage, the Critics Circle fight illustrates the arcane factional struggle within the left, in which the radical faction takes on comparatively easy targets like Romano because they are accessible and vulnerable in a way that actual racists and other non-insiders are not.
    • … the cancel culture won this battle. Certainly it will be more difficult for people in the liberal press, universities, and the nonprofit world to express doubts about what has emerged as the mandatory view on racism — that it is “systemic,” that it is the abiding and chief feature of all American history and life, that we are all culpable in it, and that to deny that culpability is itself racist. 

A Conservative Perspective on Racism and Systemic Racism 

The case of George Floyd

Race and Black Lives Matter (BLM)

    • The Two Very Different Meanings Of ‘Black Lives Matter’, By David Marcus, The Federalist
      • the term has two very distinct, if not contradictory meanings in today’s America. One is a general statement of support for civil rights; the other is a loose Marxist organization with a clear radical agenda.
    • Commentary: The Various Faces of Black Lives Matter by Robert Stilson, RealClearPolitics, June 21, 2020.
      • Black Lives Matter can mean something different depending on what part of the movement is being referenced 
      • BLM began as the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter in 2013 in wake of the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the killing of Trayvon Martin. That earliest iteration of the term was the general statement of support. But very quickly BLM became the umbrella name for a network of loosely affiliated activist groups with a very far left set of objectives. In fact one of the founders has said on video that the organization was founded by “trained Marxists.”
    • The agenda of Black Lives Matter is far different from the slogan  By Mike Gonzalez and Andrew Olivastro, New York Post, July 1, 2020
      • Many see the slogan Black Lives Matter as a plea to ­secure the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all Americans, especially historically wronged African Americans.  
      • Tragically, when they do donate, they are likely to bankroll a number of radical organizations, founded by committed Marxists whose goals aren’t to make the American Dream a reality for everyone — but to transform America completely.

(1)  “Systemic“.  Regarding implied and direct references to “systems and systemic:”   All results (successes and problems) represent outcomes from systems.  There are methods and tools for identifying, assessing, and improving systems.  These include identifying the aim (purpose, need) of the respective system, capability assessments, operational definitions of the data being used in assessments, cause and effect diagrams, affinity and Pareto charts, histograms, the five why’s, run and process behavior charts to include trend interpretation standards, and analysis of variation – common cause (normal, expected) and special cause variation (outlier, unusual, temporary) to name a few.   The Brown County Leader Network provides support for addressing systemic issues.

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