Local strategies – Better Government, Systems, Processes

What is becoming even more evident with the Covid related issues is a lack of trust in government and the systems and processes that are providing “We the People” with information and mandates.

o. When you have licensed and competent medical professionals who disagree on preventative and treatment-related strategies, I would like to see (if even possible these days) an objective, independent group (commission?) reconcile (mediate) the differences on our behalf. Where is there agreement? Where is there disagreement and whyt? What are their recommendations along with the associated risks? Politicizing the issue with the intent to retain or gain votes supported by the media only adds to the divisiveness and polarization in the country.

o. Our founding fathers studied and understood human nature and political systems. They recognized that individuals seek to centralize power and power always corrupts which leads to abuse, conflict, and even war (civil, national, global). Our founders designed a system of checks and balances on power that have been eroded over time. For instance, providing the governor with the ability to extend emergency powers without requiring a special session of the legislature is a law that needs to be reviewed.

o. The overall situation has been a little surreal for me. I’ve briefed senior military leaders on controversial topics. The U.S. military and our allies apply a decision making process that integrates a systemic approach that considers all available facts and data, assesses risks, and identifies the best courses of action. Once the action is taken, the situation is constantly monitored and adjusted as more information is obtained. There are also three major focus areas – what is currently happening, what may be next, and what if? Different groups work on these questions and respective strategies.

o. One of the issues that is different is that in a military context, injuries and death are an inherent part of the process. In a civilian context, facing potential mortality is something most people don’t want to think about which leads to fear, and fear leads to anger that is then leveraged by various groups to support their respective agendas.

o. Probably not much we can do in the short-term regarding the national situation, but we can support changes at the state level. At the county level, we could choose to apply better processes in making important decisions.

o. Volunteers within the community have been working to develop a framework (concept, tools, and methods) for assessing a problem, identifying the best options, and determining if and when a change results in improvement. More information at http://browncountyleadernetwork.com/

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