RDC 2021

The Brown County Redevelopment Commission (RDC) is tasked with coordinating follow-on actions derived from the Brown County Economic Development Strategic Plan.


Current and Planned Events

Feb 9, 2021.  GUEST OPINION: Survey process starting to address housing challenges By JUSTIN SCHWENK, guest columnist.  The Brown County Redevelopment Commission is beginning our Building Community Initiative in the coming weeks, and we would like to…

  • The Building Community Initiative is a three-phase project designed by the redevelopment commission to be a community-driven effort to:
    • identify vacant and abandoned homes,
    • rehabilitate them,
    • and return them to productive use — specifically as affordable starter homes that will be accessible to a greater number of people interested in locating to Brown County.

Sep 15, 2020. BCD. Redevelopment commission planning land survey By Sara Clifford

May 28, 2020. BCD. County News. Redevelopment commission mapping out priorities

  • In a virtual meeting on May 7, the members — three of whom are new this year — learned about what the group had been working on last year. President Schwenk explained the concept of gathering data about abandoned, vacant homes in the county, which could possibly be rebuilt into affordable, habitable homes. All voting members supported continuing with this project. They also started thinking about others, and started working on a goals chart which is viewable online at https://bit.ly/BCRDCPLAN. The goals chart is on page 15.

Mar 21, 2020. RDC Discussion – 2020 Plan – 9:00 am, Community Foundation


Assessment – Brown County Economic Development Strategic Plan

  • This plan meets the minimum requirement required by the State.
  • Strategies identify solutions without referencing the data that identifies the scope and extent of the respective problem.  Additional analysis is needed to identify the costs, priorities, and funding options.
  • The strategies were also derived with input from non-statistically valid surveys, and selected input from community members (see Methods below).
  • Not mentioned is the need to retain existing residents and to identify their priorities.  Over half the workers in Brown County have historically chosen to live in the county and commute outside the county for the better-paying jobs.
    • Brown County Democrat: What are best bets for future of  local economy? by Sara Clifford. Brown County’s greatest potential for economic growth is as a bedroom community, according to economists with the Center for Business and Economic Research at Ball State University.

Governance and Plans

  • Handbook for Indiana Redevelopment Commission  (RDC) Members and Their Attorneys – June 2017  2017-handbook-for-indiana-redevelopment-commission-members-and-their-attorneys-3
  • IC 36-7-14 – Chapter 14. Redevelopment of Areas Needing Redevelopment
    Generally; Redevelopment Commissions  IC 36-7-14
  • Brown County Economic Development Strategic Plan  Brown County Econ Dev Strat Plan and Exec Summary 11.20.2019
    1. Several residents participated in interviews, public engagement sessions, and an online survey to offer public feedback, comments, and ideas for the creation of the following four overarching goals:
      1. Preserve and Promote Brown County’s Natural Environment;
      2. Establish Brown County as a home for young families and talented individuals;
      3. Foster Brown County’s identity as a destination for tourists interested in the arts, outdoors, and historic small-town charm; and
      4. Support Brown County’s interests within the Uplands Region through partnerships .

METHODS.  In addition to employment and census data, public input was considered through a web-based public survey, a town hall event, and individual interviews with key stakeholders. The electronic survey was available to the public and received a total of 185 responses. Responses from approximately 20 individuals were gathered during an open town hall event on January 23rd, 2019. Individual interviews were held with 11 stakeholders representing various positions and organizations within the county.



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