Sewer Board Trustee Qualifications

Under 13-26-4-6 Residency (b) states that “An Appointed trustee must:

  1. own real property within the district,
  2. be a trustee appointed under section 4 or 5 of this chapter,
  3. be an elected official……..
  4. be a ratepayer of the district; or
  5. ….be an individual who is registered to vote at an address that is located in the district.

Sewer Board Trustee Qualifications. IC 13-26-4-6

The second part of this report pertains to monthly billing, which must be paid by the end users– not by any other county residents.

The Rate Payers (by law) must pay sufficient monies to cover all of the listed expenses, reserves, bond redemption funds, etc.

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