Brown County Zoning Ordinance

Oct 20, 2020.  UPDATED County Ordinance 10-20-2020

  • Home Occupation means an accessory use of a dwelling unit for a business, profession, trade or vocation conducted within an enclosed dwelling, which is clearly incidental and secondary to residential occupancy and does not change the residential character thereof.”

BCD. Rules for home-based businesses amended.  These regulations also apply to artist studios, APC clarifies By – 3/13/20

Brown County Area Plan Commission vs Jerry Cowan  Filed Oct 18, 2019

  • Item 8. “Additionally, Cowan has established and operates a lawn care and snow removal business (“the business”) on the Cowan Property.”
    • Note: He only parks his trailers on his property.
  • Item 11.  “The Business does not meet the definition and limitations applicable to home occupation uses and has not be authorized, by permit or special exception approval, to operate as a home occupation. “
    • Note: Typo – assume it was meant “has not been” (vs be) authorized.

Case Settled Nov 20, 2020.

Nov 25, 2020. Appeal filed by Sherrie Mitchell per Section 7.5  Brown  County Zoning Ordinance.  Anyone adversely affected by a decision made by the Planning Director can be appealed to the BZA.

Older Versions of the Ordinance



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