RAP Grant – Regionalization Study

Regional Assistance Program (RAP) – Regionalization Study

Ethel Morgan, owner of Hometown Engineering LLC was selected by the State to complete the regionalization study funded by the Regional Assistance Program (RAP).

BCRSD and HRSD – Joint Meetings. BCD Feb 24, 2021. All options on table: regional sewer plan being discussed.

Mar 10, 2020. Presentation of the Final Report

Feb 25, 2020. Democrat. The Bean Blossom-Helmsburg sewer regionalization report is out. Here’s what it said. By Sara Clifford

 FINAL REPORT  (received and posted Feb 7, 2020)- Prelim Eng Report – Regional Assistance Program.  
  • Summary: “Based on the analysis completed in this report, it appears that is most cost-effective to construct two regional plants to serve the areas under consideration. Table 6-11, following provide the cost and effective analysis of the various alternative combinations considered.

Note that anytime an analyst uses the term “assessment”, it implies additional work is needed. The next steps would include the development and review of a strategic plan (WIP) and the development of a decision-support matrix. These processes also should include public meetings to gather citizen input on the process.

Proposed Scope of Services BCRSD and Helmsburg RSD – Hometown Engineering LLC.

More information – Brown County Regional Sewer District (BCRSD) – Bean Blossom Sewer Project — For the Record

This regionalization study will not include recommendations.  At the  Brown County Regional Sewer District (BCRSD) board meeting on Aug 13, 2019,  Ethel introduced herself and highlighted some examples of the work she has completed.   One example was the project for New London in Howard County.

Note: The New London Preliminary Engineering Report (PER), was not written as a regionalization study.  It was written to identify options for the community to address the failing wastewater treatment plant.  The study that is being completed for the for BCRSD and Helmsburg RSD will have some of the same types of information, but will not necessarily have all the same information. The RAP grant is fairly new, and there have only been a handful of reports funded.  – Ethel Morgan – Hometown Engineering LLC

  • Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) for the New London WWTP,  Howard County, Indiana presented to: Howard County Commissioners and the Town of Russiaville.
    • New London PER_Part1
      • Sanitary sewers and a wastewater treatment plant were constructed in New London in 1995. At that time, the New London Conservancy District was established to own, operate and maintain the wastewater facilities. In 2013, the District was formally dissolved and the Town of Russiaville took over the ownership and operation of the utility.
      • The wastewater treatment plant in New London is reaching the end of its useful  life. The tankage is metal, and has started rusting. Holes in the tankage have recently been repaired. The walkway and handrails are unsafe, and some of the piping has rusted through. Many of the air diffusers are non-operational.
      • This report outlines, from an engineering perspective, the options for addressing these issues. Once the options are evaluated, a selected plan and associated budget that include pursuing funding from State Revolving Loan Program (SRF) and/or USDA Rural Development (RD) and a proposed project schedule are presented.
    • New London PER_Part2
    • New London PER_Part3_Part1
    • New London PER_Part3_Part2
    • New London PER_Part4_Part1
    • New London PER_Part4_Part2



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