Misc Documents

Nashville sewer rates and charges



April 19 2021 Agenda County Council

RDC Statement – Data Sharing – Commissioner Meeting 2020_08_19

ASQ Govt Div System Maturity Model

Brown County COVID-19 Letters

Brown County Maple Leaf Bldg Corp First Mortgage Note Feb 8 2018 3,500 ,000

Brown County Maple Leaf Bldg Corp First Mortgage Note Dec 27 2018 9,000,000

CVC – Pledging Innkeepers tax

In the Middle_ A Graduate Student in the (Farmers’) Marketplace of Ideas

2020304 Community Decision Making Process CDMP

Brown County Schools – Policy Citations

Brown County Inventory of Roads

2020_02_11 Pavement Inventory and Condition PDF

Instructions Spreadsheet – Inventory of Roads

As of  2020_02_11 9:00 a.m.  Pavement Inventory and Condition – State

Commentary_ Enjoying the Indiana sales tax _ Columns _ hoosiertimes.com

20191212_Draft Policy Brown County Commissioner Appointments


June 12, 2019. Indiana Daily Student (IDS),  2019 06 12 White supremacist allegations follow market farmers   (2019 06 12 White supremacist allegations follow market farmers

Amazon Storefronts – Small-town entrepreneurs reach global customers

Brown County Parks and Rec Meeting – Audio 2019_11_20

Center for Sustainable Living, Bloomington IN.

2015-IRS From 990 EZ Center for Sustainable Living

Community Food System Development Model
IU Community Food Systems – Includes BC Fact Sheet

20190930 BFM Fact Sheet

IDEM Bill Monroe – Wastewater Treatment

State Approved Treatment Plants

  • Sep 20, 2016. BCD, Opry rebuilding: ‘We’ll get there.’ By -\
    • He has received approval from the state health department to construct a wastewater treatment plant to serve the new building.
    • The Opry needed a new wastewater solution because the state health department decided that the septic system couldn’t be reused. The system sits in the floodplain for Salt Creek, as does the entire property, so there was no suitable spot to build a new septic system.
    • Wayman had to get approval for a wastewater treatment plant instead, which is permitted in the floodplain.
    • Nearly a year ago, he was issued a permit from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management to begin building the plant.
    • That permit is good until Tuesday, Nov. 1.
  • June 14, 2019. BCD. Owner of Little Nashville Opry land dies; status of rebuilding unclear By  –
    • In 2013, the Brown County Council approved a $250,000, 10-year tax abatement to help Wayman secure financing to build his own wastewater treatment plant. The 10 years were not going to start until the building was finished, and the tax break would not carry forward if the Opry ceased to operate during those 10 years, according to newspaper archives.
    • At that time, the tax abatement was the first one the county had ever approved.

BCRSD Aug 13, 2019 Meeting – Recording – MP3

Calculation of Estimated Maximum Levy for Budget Year 2020 Brown – 190711 – 2020 Estimated Maximum Levy

Supplemental Distributions CY2019 190515 – STATE BUDGET AGENCY Memo – Supplemental Distribution – approved  Brown $ 393,122

190701 – State Budget Agency Memo – 2019 State Assessed Value Growth Quotient

July 15, 2019. 2019_07_16_08_51_35 Ordinance to Thaw the County Property Tax Maximim Levy

Uploaded July 15, 2019. 135N Property Deed

July 9, 2019 Brown County RSD Meeting – Audio

County Council Agenda July 15, 2019 County Council Agenda July 15, 2019 1

July 5, 2019. WTIU/WFIU. Nashville Temporarily Picks Consultants Over Full-Time Town Manager

June 25, 2019Town gets ‘strategic direction adviser’ By  –

2018 Timber Contract 2018 Timber Contract for 135N Overlooks 23

Terms and Definitions

LoWV – Who is Where in Brown County?

National Low Income Housing Coalition – Indiana 2019


The Indiana Institute for Working Families (Institute) is a program of the Indiana Community Action Association, Inc. (IN-CAA).

20190627 RDC – Jim Kemp Handout RDC Meeting 2019_06_27 – Jim Kemp Handout

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