ROI — The “So What?” People with a Plan

ROI – Ready Schools: Initiative aims to align school districts to the education and workforce needs of employers and industry in the Indiana Uplands.

The Southwest Central Indiana Uplands Region – Brown county one of the 11 counties in the region,  is projected to have more good jobs than people.  (Our region does not include Bartholomew County where Columbus is considered a world-class manufacturing hub.)

The regional average wages range from a high of $85, 582 in the Information and Communications Technology Industry to $24, 477 in the Hospitality and Tourism industry. (Source 2015 Strategic Plan for SouthWest Central Indiana)

The ROI grants – Ready Schools and the recent $500K grant (Brown County Schools awarded ROI Ready Schools implementation grant) support our K-12 students (and adults through the CRC), to take advantage of the educational, training and career opportunities that will provide them with the capabilities that will help them to have productive careers.

The quality of our workforce can also attract small employers which can lead to an increase in the number of good job opportunities available within the county.  Encouraging and supporting entrepreneurship (designing, launching and running a new business ) provides even more opportunities for individuals to turn their ideas and dreams into economic opportunities.

The county has also recently received a planning grant to create an economic development strategic plan that provides the community with a plan.

A “plan” is a written account of the intended future course of action (scheme) aimed at achieving the specific goal (s) or objective (s) within a specific timeframe. It explains in detail what needs to be done, when, how, and by whom.

Brown County schools are working to ensure that all our students graduate with a “plan” for their future. The Career Resource Center (CRC) can help adults develop and execute their plan for improving their uniques capabilities and a “community with a plan ” can provide the inspiration and strategy that will contribute to Brown County remaining a desirable place to live, work, and play.

“The connection with enrollment trends and development strategies for attracting young families can’t be understated.  Without policy change related to affordable housing and daycare (ages birth – three), we will lose young families to more urban environments where access to these two non-negotiables is “easy.”  Laura Hammack, Brown County Schools Superintendent

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