Taxes and Spending on an Upward Trend

Taxes and Spending on an Upward Trend —  So What?

  • Given the enthusiasm that commissioners and council have expressed regarding new spending and debt for infrastructure projects, a Justice Center and a major Courthouse renovation, might want to ask our incumbent elected representatives what the targeted tax rates are for income and property taxes in the near, mid and long-term.
  • I just checked on how the county income tax rate compares with other counties:
    • Effective Jan 1, 2018, we now have the 5th Highest Income Tax Rate in the state.
    • Although the county is among the lowest in the state on property tax rates, since 2012:
      • Tax rates increased by 33% and the County Total Tax Levy increased by 40.4%. Certified Net Assessment (from which property tax is derived), increased by 5.5% which is below the inflation rate. This contributes to the need to raise income and property taxes.
  • And, we have the third highest debt per person in the State, we’re projected to lose population and the median age of residents is expected to be among the highest in the state.

A way ahead? Better leadership, planning and community engagement to address our challenges.

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