Commissioner Meeting Notes, May 3, 2023, 2:00 p.m. Indian Hill RR Crossing

Commissioner Meeting Notes, May 3, 2023. 2:00 p.m.

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Audio – The discussion on the Indian Hill Railroad Crossing begins at 7:41 and ends at 14:20. 

Indian Hill RR Crossing.   Some good news. Positive developments in the efforts to re-open the crossing. Jake German from  Barnes and Thornburg stated that they are working on the draft petition from the county to INDOT to re-open the crossing. Scott Rudd summarizes the argument for re-opening. Rick Kelly from Farm Bureau reinforced their support for the Weddle Farm and the hardships (costs, risks, safety concerns) that the closing has placed on their operations. Farm Bureau is also working on a resolution from the organization supporting holding public hearings on any closing of a public road. Note: Commissioner Braden clarified that Indiana Hill Road is open, it is the crossing that is closed.

Rick Kelly identified that the land for the Railroad crossing was sold in 1905 by the Weddle family and has been used for 113 years.

Commissioners Sanders and Braden added their support to include gathering the information needed in making the case that would preclude any opposition from the Railroad in re-opening the road.    

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